Lavender and Vetiver Essential Oil Blend & Benefits - Peaceful Air Diffuser Blend by Loving Essential Oils
Lavender and Vetiver Essential Oil Blend Benefits - Diffuser Recipes

Lavender and Vetiver are two popular essential oils for relaxation and sleep. Lavender oil is well known for its calming properties, while vetiver oil is often used to help ease anxiety and tension. Together, these oils make a potent relaxant that can be used ...

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Vetiver Diffuser Blends - Clear Mind Chatter and Relax! by Loving Essential Oils
Vetiver Diffuser Blends - 10 Relaxing Essential Oil Recipes

Vetiver is a wonderful oil that has many benefits. I'm going to share 10 different Vetiver Diffuser Blends so you can find one or more that work best for your needs. These aromatherapy blends are helpful if you're looking to relax or have an uplifting experience. If you wan...

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