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DIY Orangesicle Foaming Hand Soap - Kid Friendly Recipe

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Do you love the smell of fresh peeled oranges?  I sure do.  It is such a clean and refreshing smell, it really awakens the senses.

Now you can have your hands smelling clean & fresh with this DIY Orangesicle Foaming Hand Soap.  This is totally a kid friendly recipe, as you will can see from the photos. 

Orange essential oil is what makes this recipe wonderful. All natural & non-toxic three ingredient cleaner that is so perfectly yummy smelling that kids will be more than happy to wash their hands!  Have kids make this recipe and you will see an even bigger desire for them to wash hands.  Kids love creating and using their creations.

Orangesicle Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

Simple 1-2-3 Method:

1) Add castile soap to bottom of foamer bottle until there is about 1/2 inch layer on the bottom of the bottle - it is about 1 TBSP if you want to measure but with kids it is easy just to say "fill the bottom this much" and show them about 1/2 inch with your fingers. 

2) Add vegetable glycerin & orange essential oil to the bottle (can also use tangerine, it smells just as yummy!).  Gently swirl around the glycerin, soap and essential oil to mix them in the bottle. 

3) Fill rest of bottle with water, making sure to leave room at top of bottle for foamer top.  Screw foamer top on.  Gently shake mixture up.  Dry bottle off and put label on.

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