Easy Body Wash For Dry Skin Recipe - Spa Escape Aromatherapy Blend

Easy Body Wash For Dry Skin Recipe - Spa Escape Aromatherapy Blend

Making homemade body wash is simpler than you may expect. Plus, you can scent your body wash with essential oils for a wonderful, all natural aroma. Our aromatherapy body wash for dry skin is made with skin nourishing essential oils that create a fabulous blend we call "Spa Escape".

I love creating homemade beauty products, this way I can ensure that only all natural ingredients go onto my body, no surprises!

Essential Oils for Homemade Body Wash

Spa Escape aromatherapy blend contains lavender, sweet orange, and ylang ylang essential oils.

These oils blend together to create an amazing sweet and floral scent. You can also get a nice aromatherapy session while you use this wash.

You don't have to limit this recipe to just a body wash. I have used this body wash as liquid hand soap and for a foot bath (just squirt a few pumps into a warm basin of water and soak feet).

Homemade Body Wash For Dry Skin by Loving Essential Oils

Spa Escape Aromatherapy Body Wash Recipe



Place all ingredients into bottle, put on lotion pump and shake well to mix. To use, shake well first, then squirt into palm of hand and cleanse skin.

Since this recipe is all natural and contains no emulsifiers or preservative, you will need to shake well before use as this recipe may separate when it sits. Best if used in 1-2 months after making. Place the date on the bottle so you know when you made it.

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Aromatherapy body wash with essential oils by Loving Essential Oils

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