5 Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes - Dessert Inspired

5 Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes - Dessert Inspired

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am already thinking about the yummy sweets that come along with this special feast. These thoughts are where these Dessert Inspired Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes came from. Hope you enjoy!

How to Make an Essential Oil Room Sprays

Room sprays are really simple to make when you have essential oils on hand. It just takes some distilled water and essential oils.

I like to add a little grain alcohol (like Everclear) for preservative actions, but if you plan to use your recipe in a 1-2 weeks you can omit it.

You will need a spray bottle as well. For these recipes I like to use small glass spray bottles, like these here:

1 oz Green Glass Spray Bottles for 5 Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes - Dessert Inspired by Loving Essential Oils

Their small size allows them to be used quicker so another scent can be tried. I like being able to switch it up!

Here is the basic recipe for an Essential Oil Room Spray:

Basic Essential Oil Room Spray

Directions: Add essential oils from Desert Inspired blend you choose below into the bottle with grain alcohol and gently swirl. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, add spray top and shake well. Dry bottle and label your spray. Shake well before each use.

    Tip: It is best to let your spray "marinate" for about a day so the scents have time to mingle. Be sure to shake spray before using each time.

    Distilled or filtered water is preferred to keep the integrity of your spray mixture pure (impurities in tap water could alter your spray).

    Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes

    Here are the yummy Dessert Inspired DIY Recipes:

    Classic Pumpkin Pie

    • 3 drops Nutmeg
    • 3 drops Cardamom
    • 2 drops Cinnamon Bark
    • 2 drops Ginger

    Zesty Key Lime Pie

    • 4 drops Lime
    • 4 drops Vanilla
    • 2 drops Lemon

    American Apple Pie

    • 3 drops Cinnamon Bark
    • 3 drops Ginger
    • 2 drops Clove
    • 2 drops Vanilla

    Tart Lemon Meringue Pie

    • 5 drops Lemon
    • 3 drops Vanilla
    • 1 drops Cedarwood

    Spice Cake

    • 2 drops Vanilla
    • 2 drops Cardamom
    • 2 drops Cinnamom Bark
    • 2 drops Clove
    • 2 drops Ginger

    Vanilla Absolute (Not Essential Oil)

    You may have noticed a theme for vanilla in these recipes. Vanilla scent really adds that sweet and yummy aroma that desserts and baked goods have. That aroma usually comes from vanilla extract when baking, but that is not what I use in my recipes.

    You may know that Vanilla does not come in the form of an essential oil but you can buy it as an absolute which offers similar benefits. You can read more about absolutes here.

    Here is my favorite vanilla absolute that I use in my recipes:

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