20 Essential Oil Mandala Coloring Pages - Free Printable

20 Essential Oil Mandala Coloring Pages - Free Printable

Looking for an easy way to reduce stress and anxiety? Yes, essential oils for sure, but how about coloring! Coloring is no longer just a kids activity, many adults have been loving the therapeutic benefits it offers. Even if you are not a creative person, these essential oil mandala coloring pages look amazing when completed!

Take a short break from your busy day and create something beautiful. Do it along with a child or grandchild, they will love them too.

I have 20 essential oil mandala coloring pages for you. These intricate geometric and floral patterns are helpful in calming the mind. Each mandala is unique with an essential oil name and botanical name. This is a fun way to learn Latin names of the oils you enjoy every day.

This is an affordable and healthy way to unwind and destress. You just need to get the download below, print out pages on regular paper or card stock, then grab your color pencils or markers and you are ready. If you plan to use markers, card stock paper is a better option because it is thicker and won't bleed like regular paper.

Add Essential Oils

Enjoy your essential oils while you color for a double whammy to knock out stress. Here are some ways to enjoy essential oils while coloring:

Word Challenge

Here is a fun challenge to do. Put the essential oil that you have on your coloring page in your diffuser and diffuse it while you are coloring the page. You could alternatively use an aromatherapy inhaler. Create a word cloud all around the mandala with words that describe the oil. Use words you think of when you smell the aroma, words on how the oil makes you feel, common uses you know the oil is helpful for, etc.

Lavender Essential Oil coloring page by Loving Essential Oils

Get the Free Coloring Pages

Just fill in the form and you will receive an instant PDF download. You are allowed to print these pages and share them with friends and family as long as the pages are not altered in any way. Great for EO classes too!

Be sure to share this blog post with other essential oil users that would enjoy it as well so they can get the free download too.

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20 Essential Oil Mandala Coloring Pages - Free Printable Guide by Loving Essential Oils

Example Pages

Patchouli Essential Oil Coloring Pages - Free Printable Guide by Loving Essential Oils

Lemongrass Essential Oil Coloring Page - Free Printable Guide by Loving Essential Oils

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