Do Essential Oils Work? Fans Speak Out About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries — and with good reason! The healing powers of essential oils have recently seen a resurgence in popularity and science is now beginning to support their long held medicinal benefits. From aiding relaxation and stress relief, to helping with physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, muscle pain and more. Using essential oils in the right way can be hugely beneficial.

Do Essential Oils Work? Our Fans Speak Out by Loving Essential Oils

Do essential oils work? If you have ever wondered this, you are in the right place. Our readers share their personal stories of how essential oils have changed their lives. Before we look at their inspiring stories, let's look at how aromatherapy and essential oils work.

What is Aromatherapy and How Does it Work?

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicinal practice based on the use of natural aromatic essences extracted from plants and herbs. These essences, known as essential oils, are believed to have healing effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

Supporters of aromatherapy refer to it as a holistic practice that can improve physical and emotional wellbeing. However, critics question whether the intangible benefits associated with the practice are based on scientific fact or simply unsubstantiated belief.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

  • Essential oils are primarily extracted through steam distillation or expression methods, although some more delicate flowers may be extracted with CO2 refrigerant technology.
  • Each oil has its own unique composition which contains therapeutic properties used to help treat various ailments such as headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin irritations and more.
  • The aromas of these essential oils are often used in therapeutic diffusers and massage oils to help balance the emotions and reduce stress.

Those who believe in its effects point to the long history of use for medicinal purposes throughout many cultures around the world. They also cite anecdotal evidence from those who swear by its ability to release tension and improve overall well-being

Ultimately, much of the conversation surrounding aromatherapy revolves around personal preference rather than hard facts.

Whether you believe in its healing powers or not, understanding what aromatherapy is, can open up a new world of therapeutic options worth exploring.

With this in mind let us now explore the benefits of aromatherapy - one of nature's oldest remedies.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is growing in popularity due to its potential health benefits. There is some research-backed evidence that suggests that aromatherapy can have positive effects on physical and mental wellbeing.

Some of the most notable benefits include improved sleep, diminished stress and anxiety, pain relief, and improved immune functioning.

For Improved Sleep

When it comes to sleeping better, using essential oils from certain plants such as lavender has been shown to aid in promoting sleep quality and duration. Research indicates that lavender oil may be effective in treating insomnia by reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Aside from lavender oil, chamomile and sandalwood oils have also been found helpful for falls asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night.

For Mental Wellbeing

In regard to mental health, aromatherapy has been linked with a decrease in anxiety, depression, stress levels, and even postpartum depression symptoms. Studies suggest that various types of essential oil inhalation techniques can help reduce negative emotions while also helping to lift moods.

Overall, aromatic therapy may offer a number of potential health benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing when used correctly.

Do Essential Oils Work? Aromatherapy Testimonials by Loving Essential Oils

Do Essential Oils Work? Yes!

We asked our readers this question: What is your essential oil story? Here are the many inspiring stories and essential oil testimonials that were shared with us.

Alexis from CA

I was introduced to diffusers and oils by my sister. I always loved the way her house smelled each time I went over for a visit. But most importantly, I began to notice how my mind and body would react while at her house.

I began to do research and experiment with diffusers and aromatherapy myself. I began to realize the health benefits they gave me. Restful sleep was always a huge issue for me, my mind would never relax enough to shut down. I finally began to receive a good nights sleep!

It was amazing to me the power these little bottles have. As soon as I started using lavender oil in my diffuser each night, I began to notice my mind and body starting to relax easier and quicker each week. I started wearing diffuser necklaces and it's now a must have item for me and I wear it as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. It helps alleviate my social anxiety and severe panic attacks.

I'm not saying oils have taken all of these things away completely, but they have helped me in a huge way that is life changing!! I'm so grateful to have found a healthy, natural alternative to relieving ailments that were once debilitating me. I highly recommend giving aromatherapy a try, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Connie M. from ME

I began researching essential oils while making the switch to a chemical-free home. I was already making some of my own body care products with natural, plant-based ingredients & came across literature about essential oils, while looking for more home & body care ideas.

I read a lot, signed up for some newsletters, and experimented with different brands. Now, EOs are a part of everyday life in my home. From cleaning the floors to skin care, my family & I are happy to have natural alternatives to harsh chemicals & pollutants.

Sandra B. from OH

I won a contest and got a free starter oil kit. The more I read about the oils the more I wanted to learn. I have replaced a lot of cleaning supplies with making my own. They smell and work better with out all the chemicals. I have made a few blends that help with headaches, losing weight, shingles, and a lot more. Next year I really want to learn more and do more.

Kim L. from MA

Synthetic fragrances make me feel unwell, headaches and nausea, which got me thinking that they can't be very healthy. That's when I started looking for products scented only with essential oils. I worked my way up to making some of my own products with EOs and other natural ingredients.

Theresa G. from AZ

My path to using essential oils was a slow and steady progression. First, I noticed that my clothes made me itchy, so I stopped using drying sheets and other fabric softeners and started using vinegar in the washer. I bought a bottle of lavender to scent it.

That helped for a while, then I noticed that certain household cleaners had a chemical smell that was just too strong for me, so I stopped using them. I couldn't stop cleaning, obviously, so I had to find an alternative to store-bought cleaners. That led to making my own cleaners and I bought another oil or two.

That helped so much that I started paying attention to my personal care products. I bought another few bottles of oil. Then my mom moved in with me. She loves candles and air fresheners and anything scented, but most of the things she bought gave me a headache and made my nose prickle.

It was then I discovered diffusing, at first just for the scent, but now for all the other wonderful benefits too. My collection has grown to nearly 40 oils and I am now experimenting with making beard oil for the men in my life. I love my essential oils and the huge difference they have made in my life!

Elyssa S. from MO

My best friend made me a lotion for my tendonitis and it worked wonders... I've been addicted since then.

Liz R. from FL

I wanted to use essential oils as a natural “air freshener”. I used to always burn candles because I love the scents. I am all about smells!

In the last few years we have lost 3 family members (2 aunts & 1 cousin) to lung cancer. They did not smoke. This concerned me about what we were breathing in. So now diffusers are on everyday and cleaning supplies are homemade. I believe essential oils will make a difference.

Sandra F. from MA

I wanted to make a change, a healthy, safe change in what I was using for products to clean my house, do my laundry, take care of myself. I stumbled onto essential oils and slowly incorporated them in my daily life. Now I wouldn't live without them. Essential oils go everywhere with me.

Claudia S. from CA

I have been enchanted with fragrance since I was a small child. I would save up my pitiful allowance of 25 cents a week to buy some kind of "smellies" from the dime store.

I began mixing up my own fragrance using perfume or fragrance oils. I first discovered essential oils and herbal concoctions more than 20 years ago and have continued learning and experimenting and I am thrilled that this endeavor has become so popular and accepted in the mainstream.

Kim D. from OH

I started learning more about essential oils when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. After extensive research I have come up with a blend for my dad to use for his neuropathy and he no longer needs his medication. This blend keeps the numbness, pain, and tingling away.

Mendy from TX

Just started dabbling in them as I always am interested in natural ways to do things. Now I am head first into all of it and love it. Even got off prescriptions and over the counter meds. Yay!!

Gloria P. from HI

I work as a driver, taking teenagers to and from their meetings. I noticed that when I'd spray the interior of the van with eucalyptus and spearmint, before they got in, that it had a calming affect on them. They would always noticed that it smelled nice in the van, and it would also help, if someone would pass gas, lol. I always keep a bottle of the spray in my purse, so that we all can have a more enjoyable ride.

Laura L. from SD

I was introduced to essential oils while starting massage therapy for fibromyalgia. She would use various oils for different areas. For example, Eucalyptus and Peppermint on my back so that I could relax. I started looking into essential oils for bathing purposes to help with the fibro. It took off from there. Now I diffuse almost daily, make candles - bath salts - scrubs and so much more.

Jessica B. from GA

I really wanted a safer home environment because I have a now 2 year old who gets into everything. My little brother got into medicine and cleaners when he was younger and that has forever scared me for my children to possibly do the same. So with essential oils I feel a lot better about cleaning and overall wellness for our health.

Janet J. from AL

The amazing amount of things EOs can provide. I love the health, healing benefits it provides. Not to mention the cleaning products that are safer than store bought that can clean better and be used with less toxic.

Also, the luxury of the awesome and wonderful recipes for thick creams, lotions, scrubs, etc. I just fell in love with them and thought maybe somehow I might be able to sell a few homemade items that I think are great.

Michele P. from LA

I have always loved candles and air freshener but with my sinuses I can't tolerate certain scents. A coworker introduced me to young living essential oils and I've been hooked every since. RC started out as my favorite but I use so many, it's hard to say which is still my favorite. Enrgee is my work week ritual.

Nicole S. from WI

I have always suffered from skin issues had to throw or give away products because my skin would react badly. I wanted to use all natural products and control what I use. Now I can because I know exactly what products I'm using. For the last few months I have tried many essential oils after researching each and I haven't had any bad reactions. So happy to be able to use items that are clean and safe.

Monica S. from IN

I have many health maladies and was very tired of being put on more and more medicines, so I've switched to oils and have been able to get off many medications! And I feel much better!!

Tracy S. from NC

My grandson has eczema and I wanted to find some kind of treatment that will be better for his skin rather that to keep using a prescription medication for the rest of his life. After browsing the internet, I found a post on Pinterest someone had about how she cured her eczema with a homemade salve she made with essential oils and herbs.

So I get all the information I can find on this "new discovery". I found then get the ingredients needed to make the same salve she made and tried it on him an hoped for the best. She mentioned in her post the skin ailment wouldn't disappear overnight but eventually wouldn't see quite so many flair ups. So far it seems to be working for him and like her it is slowly but surely diminishing altogether. For that I am grateful for her sharing her "miracle cream".

Lucie B. from NH

My first exposure to essential oils came through Pinterest. I was browsing favor ideas for my daughter's bridal shower and found solid lotion bars, which sounded perfect! Since my first time melting waxes, oils and adding a scent -- I've been hooked. I've graduated to cold process soap, facial masks and other DIY beauty products and recently got an EO diffuser and am now exploring aromatherapy.

Donna S. from LA

I started using essential oils for migraines. No prescription or over-the-counter products were working. I saw an advertisement for a migraine rub with essential oils and decided it was worth a shot. And it worked! So now I’ve been using essential oils for about a year and love them!

Tammy F. from IL

I had just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and we had a convention with our church coming up, so I postponed my chemo treatment until after the convention. I was hoping to receive my healing at the convention but I didn't.

Instead I came across a booth with people talking about essential oils, then began my quest for knowledge on how essentials oils could help me. I couldn't afford the ones they talked about at the convention so I searched out other companies.

It took me a while before I found one I could trust. I began using the oils to help avoid sickness while undergoing chemo treatments, it worked :). Then when my husband would start to feel something coming on I put the oils on his feet and he started to feel better the next day. Muscle pain was relieved by essentials oils instead of pills.

I'm still learning as I go, but I'm thankful the Lord sent me to that booth that day to learn about essential oils.

Nancy S. from TX

My daughter in law invited me to a class she was having at her house. I was skeptical but interested. I had a headache when I got there instructor have me peppermint oil to rub on my temples and then a drop in my palm to breathe in. My headache was gone in 15 minutes. She also let me rub Deep Blue on my arthritis and eased pain fast. I was hooked. I now use and sell essential oils.

Marie E. from MN

Needed something to help my husband sleep better at night that was safe and easy to use with his meds. Purchased a diffuser, lavender and vetiver essential oils which helped with the sleep issues. That was the beginning of my love of essential oils.

I use essential oils in all my DIY cleaning supplies, roll ons and diffuser necklace for on the go, and now have another diffuser for living area where I now have a Christmas blend going. Recommend and gifted to friends and relatives.

Vivi L. from Canada

By diffusing oils during the night they have helped me get a restful sleep. I use them continuously in my children's bedrooms when they are sick to help them breathe and to be preventative on keeping their immunity up. Lately I have made a switch and will be making my own rooms sprays to be more natural and chemical free.

LaTrice M. from MS

I started using oils because of a better lifestyle. I have learned the dangers of chemicals, but also the power of the oils because they do work! I love the lifestyle of living a natural one, and teaching our son how to as well! I have started making my own hand soaps, I make natural cold and cough remedies also! Even chest rubs! I plan to get certified next year!

Sandy F. from PA

My daughter introduced me to oils. She even enrolled me in a class. When she had a headache, I suggested she use the roller I made in class to ease headache pain. Within ten minutes her headache was gone. I was hooked. I turn to EO's before any medication. My husband has sinus issues. I suggested he breath EO fumes. Although he was skeptical, after a few treatments he felt so much better. He is now a believer as well.

Kelly K. from NJ

I started out looking into oils for my daughter with a mild case of ADD. And also for my mom who was having sleep issues. I got hooked real quick!

Kimberely Z. from WA

I started using Essential oils to manage my health and to replace store bought skin care. My number one priority was managing my migraines and high blood pressure without the use of prescription medication. I am now prescription free and make all my own skin care products. I've also ditched all the toxic cleaning products and make my own. Essential oils have replaced everything in my home.

Kelly S. from IL

I've been diffusing for many years, just using whatever I thought smelled good at the time and not realizing all the benefits. Then one day I decided to help my husband who suffers from eczema, which gets worse in the winter. I started out making body butters for him, which are AMAZING and really helped.

While we loved Burts Bees brand, they do use chemicals I don't care for....good bye to Burt's and hello to all natural! Chapstick seemed easy, so we tried it and LOVE it. From there I started to really pay attention to oils in the diffuser & how they made me feel. I started to make cleaning products using oils, then pain relievers, deodorant and make-up, etc. There's nothing that can't be made naturally. Its been a wonderful, healthy journey.

Tracy C. from OH

I originally started in oils because my husband broke his neck and has constant pain. He did not want to always be on a narcotic for pain.

Mary Jo from Mexico

My mother used peppermint for headaches well over 55 years ago. I discovered essential oils again from my niece about 6 years ago. I love my peppermint for hot flashes and headaches and frankincense for my skin. Melaleuca is also one of my favorites.

Roxanne from PA

I found essential oils by accident, I was visiting family in Florida and saw a small craft fair, stopped and there was a Doterra saleswoman. We spoke for quite a long time. I explained that I have cancer and chronic pain. She explained how the oils work and what they can help.

I have been on a mission to live healthier and depend less on medications. I love the fragrance in my house now. I use diffuser's all the time. Lavender to help my insomnia, lemon for cleaning, peppermint for pep, etc.

I make all my own sugar scrubs, bath salts, moisturizers, and more for gifts and myself. I love essential oils, there is one for whatever it is that you need at that moment. I love that they are all natural. I use them every day in one way or another. Most days I use them in multiple ways, diffuse, apply to skin, room spray and vacuum with cotton balls dipped in my scent of the day. I can't live without my oils!

Kim P. from WI

I wanted to live a less toxic life, and the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of essential oils really appealed to me.

Claudia L. from SC

I have bad allergies and fair skin. Wanted to use natural safe oils for everything. Just found out, a year ago, that hubby has Roseaca and my oils have been a God send!

Stephanie H. from TX

I have always loved making yummy smelling candles at home but until 2 years ago, I hadn't really thought about all the different ways using oils could benefit me or my family. That's when my oldest son, who will not so much as use aspirin, and my daughter in law were introduced to the whole world of using oils.

I was at their house visiting my oldest grandson and in some pretty serious pain. I had recently obliterated my car when I hit a ditch, concrete culvert, was airborne 30+ feet, then did 2 1/2 rotations as my car barrel rolled upside down into another ditch, throwing into the topside of the backseat.

I broke my back in 2 places, crushed my nose and sinuses and had a very severe concussion from a knot as large as a softball. I've already had spine surgery and 3 discs C5, 6 & 7 replaced and a cage. I was in need of another surgery to fix and stabilize C2, 3 & 4. So, I'm a total mess at that point.

My son gave me a blend he used quite often for his own pain. I was not impressed much, as I was on 12 meds daily (some 2x a day) and a triple ingredient pain cream designed for me without much relief. I'm not sure exactly which oils he used, but I know he used theives and lavender. I actually stood almost completely straight the next morning!

Katrina T. from NY

I deal with seasonal effective disorder, last year it nearly ruined my life and I was unable to dig myself out. My mother forced me to use essential oils for both combating pneumonia at the time as well as uplift and balance out my mood to help me through the S.A.D. it worked! I grew more curious as to how I could utilize this new tool in my journey for good health.

Linda C. from NV

Anxiety and depression was taking a toll on me. I am not a fan of drugs, so I tried the oils... wonderful to be able to sleep and sniff anxiety inhalers that I make myself. The hand sanitizers I make are a hit with many friends after the gym...I share squirts!!

Sarah R. from MI

My mom was a massage therapist and did it in our home. She taught me all about the oils she had, what she used them for, and the beneficial results her clients experienced.

We started researching together what oils would benefit each of her clients problems the most. I remember clients walking out of her massage room all smiles, some tired, and some full of energy.

The most amazing results I saw were from a couple of her clients who came in for fertility treatments, after trying for years to get pregnant, almost defeated, ready to give up. My mom became a miracle worker (at least to me and them).

Using essential oils, and specific massage techniques, they both became pregnant in a year or less, and delivered healthy babies. I was astounded at the benefits that her clients experienced and have been researching and trying all natural products including essential oils.

I'm amazed to find what each oil can be used for on its own or mixed with other oils. They can be used in so many ways and are so much better for you and those around you. I am thankful everyday that I had a massage therapist for a mom to teach me and show me about essential oils.

Linda B. from PA

A friend of mine invited me to a "party" for essential oils. I learned so much that day. I was hooked instantly. A healthy all natural way without all those additives. My grown daughters are hooked now too. Doing things the way we were intended to. No side effects is one of the best parts. A lil goes a long way so the bottles last you quite a while.

Leisa G. from MI

When an invasion of mice showed up, I researched everything I could. Peppermint oil was the consensus. After searching locally I discovered the joys of Amazon and ordered several 4 oz bottles in different brands. After successfully eliminated pests for several seasons, I started looking into other uses, researching basics and quality oils education. Then discovered a friend had been using EOs for several years. Hooked every since!

Dae C. from KY

I began using essential oils when I had a traumatic injury to my knee. I am allergic to NSAIDs and starting using essential oils for pain relief. They really worked!!

Amanda O. from TN

My youngest child has some food intolerances as well as being prone to pretty bad motion sickness, so I decided to give Digestzen a try. It worked really well for his motion sickness! Then, I developed hypertension, and I wanted to avoid medications, so I decided use oils instead. We've since collected many more oils and have found them useful for so many things!

Kathy T. from OK

I'd heard rumors of the myriad uses and benefits of essential oils, and had been wondering and wanting to try them for quite some time... I finally made my dive into the wonderful world of essential oils about four years ago, when my sister and I started getting different brands of oils to sample. Now, I don't know how I ever lived without them.

Lori F. from OK

I started using them to clear congestion and for cleaning in my kitchen. But I have quickly expanded my use to rollerball, body oil and a broad array of oils that I diffuse nightly. I even wear eo bracelets and charms! Love my oils!

Marie E. from TX

As a kid, mom and grandmothers always used the vapor rub for colds. When I saw the diffusers coming out I thought, “why not use it in the diffuser?” I love to try the natural for remedies before pharmaceuticals. I have found the oils working wonders for my children and myself. I have a diffuser that travels all over the house now and have a good collection of primary essential oils and more that I’m looking into purchasing.

Robin C. from TX

Digestzen was my first oil and still a favorite. My digestion was a mess and my stomach was constantly unsettled or upset. A friend gave me a roller bottle and I was AMAZED that one little thing could make such a big difference.

Michelle M. from MD

I have been working in the medical field since I was 14 years old. I've gotten to the point I don't agree with a lot of the conventional treatments used, so I've been looking into alternative treatment options. I started to go to a Naturopathic doctor and began using remedies and essential oils.

I was completely impressed with the outcomes! No side effects was one of the biggest one. Essential oils have been my "go to" ever since. I have been sharing my experiences with my friends and co-workers, and now they ask me what oils I would recommend for any issues they have. They, too, are happy with the results.

Inga C. from VA

I had a bad cold and my sinuses were all blocked. I went to my favorite bead shop to get some beading supplies. The store had recently started to carry EOs and the shop owner said, why don't you try these EO cough drops? I did, and I felt my sinuses opening up! I immediately started to feel better, and I was hooked!!

Bev J. from AZ

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia this past summer. I already knew that there isn't much that can be done medically or with medications because my mother has suffered from the same condition for many years. So I began researching natural, alternative treatments. Along with lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, massage, etc., essential oils were mentioned many times.

A friend of mine, who sells for one of the MLMs, generously gave me a few samples and spent a lot of time teaching me about the benefits of EOs and how to use them properly. I ended up ordering from a non-MLM company that I'm very happy with, and it's been a miraculous journey!

Not only do EOs help my fibro symptoms, but I recently realized that I haven't been sick at all this fall compared to last year, when I'd been to the doctor at least 5 times during the fall months; which is another miracle as I have to take an immunity suppressing medication for another condition. (Thank you, Immune Blend!!).

Since I started using essential oils, I've been able to "pass it on", teaching my family, friends and co-workers what I've learned and encouraging and exploring possible treatments and ways that essential oils can benefit their lives.

Mary H. from KS

Our ranch, cattle, home, and equipment burned in a wild fire in 2017. I was so stressed and found essential oils to relieved the stress. It is getting me thru a terrible life changing event.

Cheryl G. from OH

I was at a winery close to where we live and there was an Essential Oil Party going on. So I asked if I could join in and of course yes!!! They were serving Rice Crispy treats with orange oil in them so I tasted on. It was pretty good. It then occurred to me whether Essential Oils were safe to ingest. So I did my research, actually found they are not safe to ingest. I bought a couple of books and got hooked!!!!! I am so glad that I did. I have found them to be very useful.

Dina S. from MA

Due to recurring sinus infections I was desperately searching for an alternative to heading down the antibiotic road. Stumbled upon essential oil info, & oil of Oregano came to my rescue. Now I look to EOs first, with every health issue that arises in my family.

Sarah H. from MN

I had a bad cough and couldn't sleep. My sister gave me a herbal salve with Menthol and wintergreen essential oils to rub on my neck or under my feet. I wouldn't want to be without it anymore now I make my own.

Kelly S. from IL

I started many years ago. I purchased a "humidifier" for my bedroom and when I received it in the mail, it came with oils & directions. Back then no one called it a diffuser, or knew what one was. From there I made some massage oils to help my kids with growing pains, bumps and bruises, etc.

Zuleikha E. from PA

I went to a class about Lifelong Vitality Supplements. The teacher said the supplements had made her bowels regular and I thought to myself, “I want that!” I started taking the supplements and, very quickly, I noticed a positive change in my bowels. But, something very surprising happened, too—getting up in the morning became infinitely easier. Getting up has been difficult for as long as I remember.

I don’t even mention it at my annual physicals because I just figured that is just how I am. My sister has the same issue. I thought getting up at 6 am would get easier after doing it for years with my kids but after 11 years, 6 am is still not the time I should be waking up. My routine was to get up at 6 am, get the kids off to school and then take a nap. After I started the LLV, the nap is usually not necessary. I even scheduled a doTERRA meeting with a new client for 7:30 am recently. I would never have done that pre-LLV (I scheduled appointments for 10 am and after). This has changed my everyday life and made me wonder what else essential oils could do for me. After this I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Joan A. from NY

I love perfumes and various scents. I also wanted my home to smell good and for me to inhale air perfumed with any essential oil I chose. I got a diffuser and oils and I've been combining different oils to make my own particular scent.

Pamela M. from PA

My sister-in-law had been using essential oils for awhile and she was telling how they were helping her family so I started researching the benefits and I was amazed at the many uses. I had been wanting to get away from using so many store bought products because a lot of them give me respiratory issues. This was one of the reasons I started using essential oils. I have been making my own cleaning products and I really enjoy diffusing which has helped myself, my husband and other family members with allergies. They seem to be helping our immunity since none of us have really been sick since I started using the oils over the last 9 months. I am definitely a believer that they can change your life. I would recommend anyone to give them a try.

Melony R. from Canada

I was always fascinated with holistic medicine and herbalisim and I wanted to be a homeopathic doctor when I was younger so naturally essential oils was a big attraction for me!

Jessica B. from UT

My Mom used Maleleuca products for years, and I continued using when I was on my own. Tea Tree saved mine and my sister's fingers and hands from many curling iron burns over the year! lol When one oil worked that well for me, it was a natural progression for me to try others when I was introduced to more of them.

Nora W. from Washington DC

At my local YMCA there was a woman offering classes on Essential oils with Doterra. I love what is natural and not synthetic. I believe its good for our soul, homes, etc.

Colleen L. from CA

I started using essential oils a little over a year ago. I have arthritis in my hands and knees, and I was looking for an alternative to medicine. I now use oils in my daily life from hand soap to facial cleansing to rubs for my hands. I love using them and am always looking for new ways to use them. I love all the recipes from this site. 

Final Thought on Essential Oil Testimonials

As you can see, there are many essential oil users that have experienced wellness impacts. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries and remains popular today due to its soothing effects on both body and mind. Through careful selection of appropriate essential oils, combined with dedication to regular practice and education, anyone can reap its many perceived benefits in everyday life!

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Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is perfect for those who want to relax, unwind, and create an atmosphere of peace and serenity in their home or office. By combining these therapeutic oils, this roller blend can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and emotional distress, while promoting relaxation and peace of mind. TRANQUILITY ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER BLEND INGREDIENTS Handcrafted Blend by Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane - Orange, Tangerine, Blue Tansy, Lavender, Patchouli, Lime, Ylang Ylang and Citronella in a base of fractionated coconut oil. The oil blend comes in a 10 ML Roll On Bottle, made with 100% pure essential oils. Roller bottles are made of cobalt blue glass with stainless steel rollerballs and a black cap. Essential Oil Blend Highlights Volume: 10 milliliters Shelf Life: Should be used in 6-12 months Shipping: Items ship from California. US shipping only, no international orders. Safety Precautions: Made for ages 12 and up. Essential oil roll-ons come ready-made at a five percent dilution in an organic fractionated coconut oil base. Do not use if allergic to any ingredient, test on skin before liberally applying. Do not ingest. TRANQUILITY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND BENEFITS The blend is made with Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, Lime, Blue Tansy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, and Citronella, which each have their own unique benefits. Together, these essential oils work synergistically to calm the mind and body. Orange and tangerine essential oils provide a sweet, bright aroma that is uplifting and calming. Patchouli oil helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can assist in calming the mind. Lime essential oil is known for its energizing and calming effects, and its ability to help with concentration. Blue Tansy is a powerful oil that can help to reduce feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress and can help to promote a sense of peace and relaxation. Ylang Ylang is a sweet and floral oil that helps to soothe the mind and promote feelings of inner peace. Lavender oil is known for its calming and soothing properties, and its ability to help induce sleep. Citronella is a powerful oil that is known for its insect-repelling properties and can help to create a peaceful environment. ORGANIC FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL Fractionated Coconut Oil is a beneficial oil with a variety of uses. It is derived from coconut oil and is odorless, colorless, and has a longer shelf life than traditional coconut oil. It is also always in liquid form. Fractionated Coconut Oil is known for its ability to deeply moisturize the skin and dilute essential oils for safe topical application. NEED A CUSTOM BLEND? Contact me, I can customize this blend to your needs! How to Use Rollerball Blends Simply roll on the oil blend to your wrists, arms, upper chest, back, temples, feet, or neck. You can use to specifically target an area of concern, like applying to neck for tension or belly for upset stomach. For generalized aromatherapy purposes, apply to arms and chest to enjoy topical and aromatic benefits. The best part about this product is it can be used anywhere - at home, before heading out into the world, or taken with you for on the go use! With its pleasant aroma and powerful effects, Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is a great choice for those who want to experience a sense of inner peace. In addition, the blend can be used to help promote restful sleep, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, and improve cognitive performance. Want to DIY? Learn how to make roller bottle blends! *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.
Stress Relief Essential Oil Roller Blend - 10 ml Roller Bottle with Lavender, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Cedarwood
Stress Relief Essential Oil Roller Blend - Lavender Ylang Ylang
$ 7.99
This handcrafted Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend is a combination of four soothing oils, Lavender, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Cedarwood. By combining these therapeutic oils, this roller blend can be used to calm the mind and body, while promoting strength and peace. STRESS RELIEF ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND INGREDIENTS Handcrafted Blend by Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane - Lavender, Orange, Cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang in a base of fractionated coconut oil. ORGANIC FRACTIONATED COCONUT OIL Fractionated Coconut Oil is known for its ability to deeply moisturize the skin and dilute essential oils for safe topical application. It is derived from coconut oil and is odorless, colorless, and has a longer shelf life than traditional coconut oil. It is also always in liquid form. The oil blend comes in a 10 ML Roll On Bottle, made with 100% pure essential oils. Roller bottles are made of cobalt blue glass with stainless steel rollerballs and a black cap. Essential Oil Blend Highlights Volume: 10 milliliters Shelf Life: Should be used in 6-12 months Shipping: Items shipped from California. US shipping only, no international orders. Safety Precautions: Made for ages 12 and up. Essential oil roll-ons come dilution in an organic fractionated coconut oil base so they are ready for use. Do not use if allergic to any ingredient, test on skin before liberally applying. NEED A CUSTOM BLEND? Contact me, I can customize this blend to your needs! Or, get a custom roll on blend here! STRESS RELIEF ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND BENEFITS This stress relief essential oil blend can be used for a variety of reasons. It contains lavender, orange, ylang ylang, and cedarwood essential oils. When blended together, this mixture creates an aroma that is both calming and uplifting. It can help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension. It can also promote feelings of wellbeing and relaxation. Lavender oil is renowned for its calming, relaxing, and anxiety-relieving properties. Orange oil is known for its uplifting and soothing qualities, and its sweet, refreshing scent. Ylang Ylang oil is an exotic and sweet-smelling oil that is known for its calming and sedative properties. Cedarwood oil is a grounding, woody, and calming oil that relieves tension and stress. How to Use Rollerball Blends Simply roll on the oil blend to your wrists, arms, upper chest, back, temples, feet, or neck. You can use to specifically target an area of concern, like applying to neck for tension or belly for upset stomach. For generalized aromatherapy purposes, apply to arms and chest to enjoy topical and aromatic benefits. The best part about this product is it can be used anywhere - at home, before heading out into the world, or taken with you for on the go use! Want to DIY? Learn how to make roller bottle blends! Stress Relief Roll On This Stress Relief blend can be used to help relax your mind and body after work or before bedtime. Additionally, it can promote a night of deeper and more restful sleep. *Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.
Essential Oil Welcome Kit: 5 Aromatherapy Inhaler and Roll On Blends
Essential Oil Welcome Kit: 5 Aromatherapy Inhaler and Roll On Blends
$ 19.99
Our Essential Oil Welcome Kit is a great way to not only learn about aromatherapy, but to experience the benefits of essential oils firsthand. By incorporating these aromatherapy inhalers and roll on blends into your routine, you can enhance your overall wellness and embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation. This aromatherapy kit allows you to experience the transformative power of essential oils and serves as a gateway to a holistic approach to well-being and self-care. What's in the Essential Oil Welcome Kit? The Welcome Kit includes 5 Ready to Use essential oil products. You will receive 3 Inhaler Blends and 2 Roller Blends to enjoy. The blends will be selected by Loving Essential Oils. The essential oil blends selected for the kit will vary depending on stock. Feel free to add an order note with any allergies, oils you want to try, oils you dislike, or if seeking a rollerball remedy, we will try to fulfill requests as able. Anyone can order this set, you do not have to be new to essential oils, but we do have a special offer for new customers. GET THIS KIT FOR $5 - NEW CUSTOMERS OFFER (USA only): Loving Essential Oils would like to offer you an ESSENTIAL OIL WELCOME KIT for Only $5! Add this kit to your cart and use Promo Code: WELCOME at checkout to get this product for $5, plus shipping and applicable taxes. Only one per person. How to Use Essential Oil Roller Blends Using roller blends is a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils at home or on the go. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use them: Shake Well: Before each use, give the roller bottle a gentle shake to ensure that the essential oils are well mixed. Apply to Pulse Points: Roll the blend onto your pulse points, such as wrists, temples, and neck. The warmth of these areas helps to release the aroma and promote absorption. Massage In: Gently massage the oil into your skin using circular motions to enhance absorption and promote relaxation. Breathe Deeply: Take a moment to inhale deeply and enjoy the aromatic benefits of the essential oils. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the calming or invigorating scents uplift your mood. Reapply as Needed: Reapply the roller blend throughout the day as desired. Listen to your body's cues and use the roller blend whenever you need a little boost. Using roller blends is a convenient way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine and experience their therapeutic effects wherever you go. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere with these handy little bottles of wellness! How to Use Aromatherapy Inhaler Blends Using aromatherapy inhaler blends is a portable and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils throughout your day. Here's a simple tutorial on how to use them: Inhale the Aroma: Hold the inhaler close to your nose and take a series of deep inhalations to enjoy the aromatic benefits of the essential oils. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let the soothing or invigorating scents uplift your mood. Refresh: You can use the aromatherapy inhaler throughout the day whenever you need a refresh or a quick pick-me-up. Store Properly: When not in use, store your aromatherapy inhaler in a cool, dry place to preserve the potency of the essential oils and extend its shelf life. Make sure the cap is closed tightly to preserve the aroma. Keep your aromatherapy inhaler handy in your pocket or purse for instant access to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils wherever you go. Enjoy the power of aromatherapy on-the-go with these convenient and easy-to-use inhaler blends.
Guides on Recipes with Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends, and Beginners eBook

Popular Essential Oil Guides

Loving Essential Oils recipe guide Recipes with essential oils guide by Loving essential oils
Ultimate Essential Oil Recipes Guide - DIY Blends
$ 9.99
DIY Essential Oil Recipes Ultimate Guide - Download/Printable Using essential oils for natural health and wellness can be really amazing. In this Ultimate DIY Recipes Guide you will learn simple ways to make homemade recipe with essential oils. I love making DIY products to replace store bought items and strive for a chemical and toxin free home. I enjoy using aromatherapy and essential oils every day to keep my family and myself healthy and happy. My hope with this recipe guide is to help you do the same for yourself and your family and friends. 150+ Easy & Effective Essential Oil Blends Ultimate Guide Includes: How to Make Essential Oil Recipes Items Needed for Recipe Making 8 Inhaler Blends for Energy 5 Peppermint Air Fresheners 5 Summer Roll Ons 7 Oily Blends for Mom 4 Lavender and Lemongrass Blends 4 Pain Butter Blends 6 EO Bathroom Recipes 4 Blends for Sore Feet 5 Immunity Blends for Kids PLUS MANY MORE RECIPES! Format: PDF download Author: Jennifer Lane, *This is a digital guide, you will get access to the PDF in our members area, nothing will be shipped to you. No refunds available on printable downloads.
essential oil difuser guide with DIY recipes and blends essential oil diffusing guide for sale
Essential Oil Diffusers - How To and Recipes Guide
$ 9.99
Essential Oil Diffuser - How To Guide for Diffusing How To Guide for Aromatherapy Diffusing With 200+ Diffuser Blends Diffusion. If you have ever been around anyone who loves using essential oils, chances are you have heard this world before. You may have heard them talk about diffusing their favorite essential oils, or the new diffuser that they just bought. Maybe you didn't know what they were talking about though. That's okay. In the guide we are going to be talking about everything diffusion - what it means, what diffusers are, how to diffuse, PLUS tons of diffuser blend recipes. By the time you are done reading this, you'll be a pro at diffusing essential oils. 40 page Diffuser Guide Includes: What are Essential Oil Diffusers? Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers Different Types of Diffusers Diffuser Safety Guidelines How Long Should I Run My Diffuser? What Oils Can I Diffuse? How Much Essential Oil to Use How Can I Mix My Own Diffuser Blends? How to Diffuse Essential Oils How to Clean a Diffuser 200+ Diffuser Blend Recipes Blank Diffuser Blend Recipe Template Format: PDF download Author: Jennifer Lane, *This is a digital guide, you will get access to the PDF in our members area, nothing will be mailed to you. No refunds available on printable guides.
Essential Oils Beginner Guide by Loving essential oils beginners guide to essential oils by loving essential oils
Essential Oil Guide for Beginners - Getting Started
$ 5.99
Beginner's Essential Oil Guide - Download/Printable Learn how to safely and effectively make essential oils a part of your everyday life. Everything you need to know about essential oils. If you have ever been around anyone who loves using essential oils, chances are you have heard all the wonderful health and wellness benefits they have experienced from using them. Avoid the overwhelm and learn exactly what you need to know in this guide that is chock-full of information perfect for beginning essential oil users. In the guide we are going to be talking about everything essential oils - what they are, how they can help you, ways to use them, PLUS essential oil blend recipes. 30+ page Beginner's Guide Includes: Essential Oil Basics Benefits of Essential Oils Essential Oil Safety Guidelines Skin Patch Testing Phototoxic Essential Oils Diluting Essential Oils Using Essential Oils Essential Oils Head to Toes Common Essential Oil Uses Top 10 Essential Oils Diffusing Essential Oils Beginner Diffuser Blends Easy Inhaler Blends Blank Essential Oil Recipe Cards Template By the time you are done reading this guide, you will be able to confidently add essential oils to your daily routine. Guide will be delivered by email. Format: PDF download Author: Jennifer Lane, *This is a digital guide, you will get access to the PDF in our members area, nothing will be shipped to you. No refunds available on printable downloads.
Aromatherapy Checklists for ailments Essential Oil Checklists for Ailments
Aromatherapy Checklists - Essential Oil Uses Guide
$ 4.99
There are plenty of supportive essential oils waiting to assist you in your daily life for common issues that come up. Be well equipped and confident in your essential oil choices with these easy to read Aromatherapy Checklists! The chosen oils on the checklists will help guide your path. Finding what works best for YOU and your loved ones is part of the aromatherapy journey! Aromatherapy Checklists Includes: Basic Safety Precautions 20 Must Have Essential Oils checklist Common Essential Oil Tools and DIY Ingredients Oils for Digestion Oils for Lack of Sleep Oils for Allergies Oils for Stress Oils for Headaches Oils for Bad Odors DIY Recipes and Blends And so much more!! Format: PDF download Author: Jennifer Lane, Pages: 33 (see photo below) *This is a digital guide, you will get access to the PDF in our members area, nothing will be mailed to you. No refunds available on printable guides.
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