Essential Oil Cleaners - Why Switching is a No-Brainer

Essential Oil Cleaners - Why Switching is a No-Brainer

The global market value for essential oils is expected to reach more than $11 billion over the next three years. Evidence of this is shown in the way that quality essential oils are gaining in popularity, and with good reason.

Essential oils can be used for fighting odors, aromatherapy, and even certain health issues.

Utilizing essential oils for making household cleaning products is a smart move for both your home and the environment.

Essential Oil Cleaners - Why Switching is a No-Brainer by Loving Essential Oils

Environmental Benefits of Switching to Essential Oil Cleaners

The United Nations estimate that more than eight million tons of plastic enter the oceans every single year, and the cleaning supplies that are sold in single use plastic packaging certainly contributes to this massive number.

Not to mention that the fluids get washed down drains and enter the water supply, damaging ecosystems and require more energy to clean the water for human use.

Essential oil cleaners are also less likely to release vapors into the air that can exacerbate existing bronchial conditions, or even trigger new ones. Even eco friendly cleaning brands, although the cleaners themselves may be less damaging to health and the environment than traditional household cleaners, the plastic containers they come in are still a problem.

Switching to essential oil cleaners allows you to reuse the same spray bottles and other types of containers over and over again, instead of purchasing a new plastic bottle each time you run out.

Essential Oil Cleaners - Why Switching is a No-Brainer by Loving Essential Oils

Will Essential Oil Cleaners Really Keep My House Clean and Germ Free?

Many essential oils are naturally antimicrobial, meaning they will certainly kill germs and bacteria in your house, especially when used alongside some other basic ingredients.

Essential oils from the citrus family, including lemon and orange, are useful in fighting grease, making them especially useful in the kitchen.

Essential oils also offer the added benefit of disguising some of the strong smells that emanate from certain common ingredients, such as vinegar, which features in many varieties of homemade household cleaners.

So, long story short, yes. Essential oil cleaners are just as effective in getting rid of germs, grease and grime for a spotlessly clean home that smells exceptional.

Essential Oil Cleaners - Why Switching is a No-Brainer by Loving Essential Oils

Making Essential Oil Cleaners

Essential oil cleaners can be made to replace most if not all traditional cleaners you require to maintain cleanliness. Many begin with a baking soda or vinegar base, with others containing things like castile or dish soap.

An effective all purpose cleaner can be made with white vinegar, distilled water, and a mix of essential oils. Use lemon or sweet orange to get rid of grease, and any combination of peppermint, tea tree, lavender, or eucalyptus oils. All of the latter include antibacterial properties. Tea tree in particular has strong antibacterial as well as antifungal effects, making it effective for getting rid of mold.

Here are some DIY Recipes to try:

Glass cleaner is another incredibly easy one to make, as it includes simply two teaspoons of vinegar, a liter of water, and lemon or orange essential oil for cutting through grease.

As the urgency over climate change and other environmental issues increases, everybody will need to start making changes to fight back.

Making your own essential oil cleaners is a great place to start, as it saves on plastic, doesn’t introduce harsh chemicals into ecosystems, and will likely save you money in the end.

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