Free Essential Oil Printables - Essential Oil Reference Cards

Free Essential Oil Printables - Essential Oil Reference Cards

Have you ever been overloaded by essential oil information or confused on what oil you should use? There is so much to learn about all the different essential oils available, it is just too much to remember.

That is why we created these Essential Oil Reference Cards to help you sort all these details that are key to your essential oil success.

These free essential oil printables can easily organize the information you learn so you can have it handy when you need it.

Essential Oil Reference Cards come blank so you can fill in the vital information on the oil of your choice. You can use them like a journal keeping the cards as solid pages and storing in a binder. Or you can print out on card stock, cut out and have a stack of cards ready for referencing. You could even punch holes in the corners of the cards and put on a ring clip to easily keep all together.

It is really your choice on how to use them but either way your essential oil information will be so much easier to access.

Reference cards come in three colors, pink, blue and purple so you can just print the color you like or use all three colors.

We hope you enjoy these reference cards on your essential oil journey. Not only is it a great way to organize your essential oil learning, it is also a wonderful way to document your essential oil experiences. Reference cards include these sections:

  • Oil Name
  • Common uses
  • How I like to use it
  • Blends well with
  • Notes

Free Printable:

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Free Essential Oil Printables - Oil Reference Cards

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