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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are colored glass bottles better for essential oils?

A.  UV exposure can damage oils causing them to lose their therapeutic benefits.  Colored glass protects them from light.  It is also good to keep your oils in a cool place.  Never leave in a hot car, direct sunlight or window sill.

Q.  How much will I have to pay for shipping?

A.  Nothing!  Our shipping is FREE on USA orders without any minimum order*.  Please visit our Shipping Information Page for more information.  (*Promotional items not eligible for free shipping)

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A.  We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.  All purchases are made through a secure site.

Q.  Do you ship to Canada or other international locations?

A.  Sorry, at this time we are only shipping within the USA.

Q.  I need help or I have a question for you, how do I contact you?

A.  You can contact us through the "Contact" button in the navigation bar or click here to contact us.

Q.  Will my sprayer tube be too long for the bottle I order requiring me to cut it?

A.  No, we precut the tube to fit in the bottle you order so it is ready to use when you get your package.  You will see that the tube has a slight curve in it allowing it to reach the edge, this is done on purpose so when your spray bottle contents is almost empty you can reach the last bit of liquid in the corner.

Q.  Will I get bottle labels with my order?

A.  Yes, all purchases made on will receive enough labels for the number of bottles they purchased.  Our labels are writable, removable, and waterproof.  No excuse for mystery bottle creations.  Sample vials are too small for our Loving Essential Oils labels.  Instead you will receive small circle labels that you can write on and place on vial caps.  Please contact us if you did not receive your labels in your package and we will be more than happy to rush them to you.

Q.  Is Loving Essential Oils affiliated with an essential oil brand?

A.  No, we are not.  Our products will work with any essential oil brand.  We recommend that you only use therapeutic grade essential oils to ensure you only get the highest quality and the best benefits from your oils.  Essential oils are an investment in your health so do not cut corners and make sure you buy a high quality brand.  

Q.  My item arrived damaged what do I do?

A.  Please contact us immediately and let us know the problem so we can correct the situation. 

Q.  What happens if I am unhappy with my order?

A.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy we will replace or refund your item.  Please review our Return Policy Page.

Q.  Do you have DIY recipes for homemade products?

A.  Yes, we offer recipe ideas and essential oil creations that you can use with our products along with general essential oil use tips and how to's.  These are available on our blog and through Pinterest.  Click here to visit our DIY recipes page.