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Looking for a great way to learn how to live a healthier and happier life? On this page you will find Health & Wellness Summits on a variety of hot topics. Each summit delivers full-length, expert interviews.

There are usually 2-3 events each month. Bookmark this page and come back for future events!

Summit Details

Here is what you can expect:

  • FREE to watch Online during the event dates!
  • Each Summit has around 30 Expert Interviews on a core topic
  • Interview webinars are about 30-45 minutes
  • Expert video interviews are extremely detailed and actionable
  • Watch any or all of the interviews that interest you

Upcoming Online Health Summits

CBD Health Summit

January 13-19, 2020

Join me to learn about the revolutionary healing properties of CBD (legal in all 50 US states) for chronic pain, insomnia, addiction, cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, skin issues, MS, Alzheimer's and other conditions!

Fasting Lifestyle Summit

January 27-February 2, 2020

Should you seek better health by fasting? Although it's a popular topic these days, the practice (and lifestyle) has been around for centuries. This free, online health event will help you learn that it isn't just about skipping meals, but training your body to stick to an optimized rhythm -- without the actual starvation!