Interested in Writing a Blog Post for Our Readers? Read On!!

I am Jennifer Lane, I created Loving Essential Oils out of my passion to share my experience and use with other essential oil users. I want to inspire my readers so they can see how amazing that essential oils are and that there are so many great ways to include them in daily living. 

If you share my passion for essential oils, aromatherapy, or natural health...we would love to talk to you about writing a guest post for us!

Why Guest Post for Us?

It gives you a chance to share your valuable knowledge with others. It also gives you the chance to share your story with our readers. You will be able to gain valuable exposure as well because we allow you to place 2 links in the post as well that can link to your social media accounts, a product you sell, or your own website.

You can write about essential oils, aromatherapy, or a natural/healthy living topic. Here are some recent guest posts so you can get an idea of what we are looking for:

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Guest Post Details:

- 750 or More Words: Guest posts should be 750 words or longer (not including your personal story). Format paragraphs with short and easy to digest sentences. Please explain complex topics well.

- No Internal Use: No mention of internal use of essential oils is allowed.

- No Specific Brand Details: Posts must not contain brand specific details or blends.

- No Brand Hate: Our readers use a variety of oil brands and we do not hate on any brand. It is OK to share guidelines on what to look for in an high quality oil brand.

- Unique Content: The written content you provide must be original work of guest and must not be published anywhere else (no duplicate posts).

- Include a Bio or Story: Write a bio for yourself or a brand "Story" to go with your guest post. Sharing who you are, what you do, why you do it, any qualifications or accolades, etc.

- Links in Post: You can include two personal links of your choice that you want to highlight for yourself or brand. You can also include reference links in the article to support the article if they add value to your topic.

- Get Approval: Topics can be guest’s choice but you must submit topic idea for approval first. If unsure what topic to write on, I can share some options with you. I think it is best to write on topics you are passionate about. Maybe you have a blend that you just love, write about that and share your experience.

- Photos: Loving Essential Oils will create the photos to go with the post. If it is a tutorial post, please send unbranded pictures for that. If you want our pictures to include your products, brand logo, personal photo, etc, please send us unbranded copies.

Categories for Guest Posts

Essential Oil Tips & Uses: All things essential oils go here, safety tips, use tips, eo profiles, carrier oils, experiences, etc.

Essential Oil Recipes: Just what it sounds like, all the homemade creams, scrubs, balms, and blends that any DIYer would love.

Healthy Living: Focus on natural health, alternative medicine, complimentary therapies. This is a broad category, any non essential oil/aromatherapy topic can go here. While topic must not be on aromatherapy or essential oils, these can be mentioned or subtopics in the post.

Please contact us with any additional questions.