1 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottles-Set of 5

$ 10.99
  • 1 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottles-Set of 5 by Loving Essential Oils

1 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottles-Set of 5

$ 10.99

FREE SHIPPING! Durable, high quality 1 oz cobalt blue glass spray bottles are great for use with essential oils and aromatherapy.

Use the small spray bottles for giving out samples of essential oil sprays or for DIY gift giving. Also a perfect size for travel, taking along in a purse, briefcase, or backpack.

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Blue Glass Spray Bottles

  • Set of 5: You will receive 5 blue glass bottles with fine mist spray tops and clear hoods.
  • Blue Glass Bottle: Durable Boston round glass bottles that are high quality.
  • Protect Your Oils: Blue glass protects contents from UV light damage.
  • Saves Money: Glass bottles are reusable and refillable, saving you money. Reusing is better for the environment. Plus you can make natural air fresheners and room sprays for pennies and skip the costly store brands with hidden toxins.
  • Many Uses: Essential oils, aromatherapy, body mists, first aid kits, home remedies, homemade DIY sprays, natural perfumes, air fresheners, and more.
  • Size: Holds 1 oz. of fluid (approx 2 tablespoons; 30 ml). 1¼" wide; 3" high (4⅜" with cap).
  1. When using essential oils in these bottles, it is best to dilute them with water and Epsom salt or a thin carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. Undiluted, thick oils will plug the fine mist spray top causing it to stop functioning.
  2. Fill bottle with desired contents. If using the water and Epsom salts, sprinkle a pinch into the bottom of the bottle, and then add the desired amount of oil. Swirl oil and salt together to blend. Fill the remaining space with water. Epsom salt prevents the oil from sticking to the spray tube and from floating on top of water. It will disperse the oil evenly throughout the water.
  3. Wipe bottle with a clean cloth to ensure that the threads are dry. Screw spray top securely onto bottle in a clockwise pattern. Sprayer tube has been precut to fit the bottle and will have a slight bend to tube when fully inserted in sprayer so you can get every last drop out of your bottle.
  4. Label bottle, be sure bottles is clean and dry so label will stick well.
  5. If spray top becomes hard to use, try to run some warm, soapy water through spray tube and then rinse with clean water.