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8 oz. Blue Glass Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer-Set of 8

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Blue Glass Spray Bottle Set

Beautiful cobalt blue glass spray bottle with trigger sprayer-Set of 8.  Each bottle features a high quality, large black spray top with an easy to use squeeze trigger.  Versatile bottle for home, office or personal use.

Bottles are great for essential oils, DIY projects, natural household cleaners, non-toxic sprays, home remedies, wellness products and so much more.

  • Set of 8:  Blue boston round bottle and trigger sprayer
  • Size: Holds 8 oz. of fluid (1 cup)
  • Neck Size: 28-400
  • 3 Trigger settings for sprayer-"stream", "spray", "off"
  • Cobalt blue color glass protects contents from UV light
  • Durable Boston round glass bottle

How to Use Blue Glass Spray Bottle:

  1. Fill glass bottle with desired contents.
  2. Wipe threads with cloth to ensure the threads are clean and dry.
  3. Screw spray top clockwise securely onto bottle. Tube precut to fit bottle, will have a slight bend to tube when inserted in sprayer so you can get every last drop out of your bottle.
  4. To unlock/lock the child-proof mechanism, you will need to twist the front of the spray nozzle, when the word "OFF" is at the top, the sprayer is locked.
  5. Label bottle and you are ready to use!
  6. If spray top becomes plugged or hard to use, try spraying warm, soapy water through tube.  Just dip the bottom of tube into soapy water and start spraying until cleared, then repeat with clean warm water until all of the soap is out.

Free Printable Labels for Blue Glass Spray Bottle:

Attach these colorful labels to your spray bottles.  Simply click on picture to download pdf.  Then print on cardstock, sticker or label paper.  Cut out and apply to your bottle creations.  Stick on, tape on, glue on or attach with ribbon. 

free printable labels for blue glass spray bottles

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