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Mini Handheld Foamer Bottles-Set of 5

Mini Handheld Foamer Bottles-Set of 5

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FREE SHIPPING! Try these Mini Handheld Foamer Bottles. You will love these small foaming bottles, they will save you money and you can create all natural foaming soaps for your family that are chemical free!


  • Set of 5 Handheld Foamer Bottles: Clear PET plastic bottle, white fingertip foaming pump, and clear plastic hood
  • Many Uses: Body wash, face cleanser, foaming hand soap, natural shaving foam and more
  • Great for Travel: The mini size makes transporting in a purse, briefcase, or travel bag easy, plus the plastic hood prevents accidental discharge during travel.
  • Save Money: Get more from your soap. Very little soap is needed to get lots of foaming action, keep your money in your pocket where it belongs.
  • Share With Others: Perfect for gift giving or handing out samples of your favorite homemade soap!
  • Handheld Size: 5" height x 1¼" diameter
  • Volume: Holds 50 ml of liquid (1.7 oz)

How to use:

  1. Add a small amount of soap concentrate to bottom of bottle (about 1/2 tablespoon)
  2. Add essential oils of choice (optional)
  3. Fill remaining space with water
  4. Screw the pump onto bottle and gently shake to mix
  5. Foaming bottle needs a watery liquid in order to work properly. Thick solutions will not work and will only clog the pump. The beauty of this foaming bottle is that a little soap concentrate goes a long way! If bottle isn't working very well, try less soap and more water.

Are bottles safe to use with essential oils?

This plastic is made of PET which is the strongest plastic to use with essential oils. Though plastic can break down over time when used with essential oils, it is generally safe to use when the oils are diluted with carrier oil, soap, etc.

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