Wooden Scoops For Bath Salts & DIY - Set of 5

$ 9.95
  • Wooden Scoops For Bath Salts & DIY - Set of 5 by Loving Essential Oils

Wooden Scoops For Bath Salts & DIY - Set of 5

$ 9.95

FREE SHIPPING! Natural wooden scoops are perfect for measuring out bath salts or scooping out salt or sugar scrubs for use. These small wooden scoops also add a nice touch when paired with DIY gift. Comes with a white organza bag for storage!

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Amber Dropper Bottles For Essential Oils

  • Set of 5: You will receive 5 amber glass bottles with glass droppers
  • Amber Glass Bottle: Durable Boston round glass bottle with black glass dropper.
  • High Quality Dropper: Glass Dropper with Monprene bulb made in USA, latex free.
  • Control Your Drops: The glass dropper allows you to control how many drops you get out.
  • Protect Your Oils: Amber glass protects contents from UV light.
  • Saves Money: Glass bottles are reusable and refillable, saving you money. Reusing is better for the environment. Plus you can make natural massage oils and home remedies for pennies, so skip the costly spa treatments.
  • Many Uses: Diluted essential oils, aromatherapy blends, favorite diffuser blends, natural massage oils, homemade DIY projects, beauty tinctures, hair serums, home remedies, wellness products and more.
  • Size: Holds 1 oz. of fluid (approx 2 tablespoons; 30 ml). 1¼" diameter; 4¼" tall with dropper.
  • To use the dropper, just squeeze and release the Monprene bulb to draw liquid up into the glass tube, then simply squeeze the Monprene bulb to dispense the liquid one drop at a time.
  • You can easily fill up the bottle with the glass dropper or you can use a pipette or funnel. Fill with desired contents.
  • Make sure to label the bottle so you will know what it contains.
  • Store bottles upright to prevent bulb from deterioration.
  • Need some recipes? Click here to check out our blog post on the top 6 uses for dropper bottles with recipes.

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