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Nausea Blend Recipe - Safe For Morning Sickness

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

No one likes the terrible urge of feeling like you are going to get sick. Unfortunately, we have all experienced nausea at some point. It makes you feel miserable but you do not have to suffer. Try this all natural nausea blend the next time and get relief.

When morning sickness hits or you start feeling nauseous you will not want to take the time to fumble with different bottles. Instead, make this blend in a dropper bottle and have it ready for when the need arises. Keep on your night stand if morning sickness hits you right when you wake up.

DIY Essential Oil Nausea Blend Safe For Morning Sickness

Lavender essential oil has been researched and has been found to be safe for use during pregnancy, click here to read the complete article. Peppermint essential oil is also considered safe during pregnancy when diluted prior to topical application. In this recipe, the essential oils are diluted in fractionated coconut oil so no worries.

Nausea Blend Recipe

Place 10 drops of peppermint and 30 drops of lavender into dropper bottle, then add fractionated coconut oil to fill the rest of the bottle. Add dropper and gently swirl the contents to mix well. Make sure to label so you can find the bottle when you need it.

To use, simply place a few drops in your hand and inhale deeply, you can also rub a few drops on your belly or on your feet. Alternatively, you can put a few drops on your wrists so if you are on the go you can just inhale the oil from your wrist and not worry about oil on your hands.

Blue Glass Dropper BottlesPeppermint oil has been a long known remedy for stomach discomfort, it has calming effects on the GI tract. Lavender essential oil is the universal oil and is known to help balance the body. The two oils together are a great combination. Get your dropper bottle out and make a batch now. Click here if you need dropper bottles.

DIY Essential Oil Nausea Blend Recipe Safe For Morning Sickness

*The information provided here is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for medical advice-see full disclaimer.


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