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I'm Jennifer Lane, founder of Loving Essential Oils and a Certified Aromatherapist. I have a passion for natural health and aromatherapy. I created Loving Essential Oils to help essential oil users get the most out of their oils.

I love making DIY products to replace store bought items and strive for a chemical and toxin free home. I enjoy using aromatherapy and essential oils every day to keep my family and myself healthy and happy. My hope is to help you do the same.

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New To Essential Oils?

Here are some Essential Oil Basics you will want to check out:

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Popular DIY Essential Oil Recipes

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Where to Buy Essential Oils?

We are frequently asked what essential oil brand we like, here are some of our favorites:

Free Essential Oil Guides

We have created essential oil guides to help make your essential oil journey easier to navigate. Check out all the FREE GUIDES we have available, sign up for as many as you would like. We hope you will find lots of great ways to use your essential oils in all aspects of your life.

Free Essential Oil Guides by Loving Essential Oils

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"Ultimate" List of Essential Oils PDF

Download our printable essential oil list full of useful information and checkboxes to help you organize your inventory!

Read our full blog post on essential oils, click here.


Top 50 Carrier Oils Detailed Guide

This guide includes 50 Carrier oils complete with description, botanical name, skin type oil is best for, shelf life, consistency of oil, and absorption information.

Read the full blog post on carrier oils, click here.


20 Essential Oil Mandala Coloring Pages

These intricate geometric and floral patterns are helpful in calming the mind. Each mandala is unique with an essential oil name and botanical name.

Read the full blog post on carrier oils, click here.


50 Roller Bottle Recipes

Roller bottles are a great way use essential oils everyday. They are a quick and easy way to enjoy aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Read our full blog post on roller recipes, click here.


Essential Oil Dilution Charts

Diluting essential oils is the best practice to follow when applying your oils topically. 

Read our full post on diluting essential oils, click here.

Essential Oil Aromas

Use this list to help with picking essential oils for aromatherapy.

Read our full post on EO Aromas, click here.


50 DIY Essential Oil Spray Recipes

Homemade essential oil spray can elevate your mood, bring health and wellness and improve the air in your home.

Read our full blog post on spray recipes, click here.


60 Essential Oil Inhaler Recipes

Inhaling essential oils can have very powerful benefits, especially emotional benefits. Aromatherapy inhalers are simple to make and convenient to take on the go or have readily available at your workplace, in your purse, or even in your car.

Read our full blog post on essential oil inhalers, click here.


22 Aromatherapy Massage Oil Recipes

Learn how to make massage oil for aromatherapy and a variety of health and wellness issues.

Read the full blog post on massage oil, click here.


50+ DIY Essential Oil Recipes

Get a variety of health and beauty essential oils you can make to naturally replace store bought products in your home. Include printable labels too!

Read our full blog post on DIY essential oil recipes, click here.


150 Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Diffusing essential oils is one way I like to use essential oils in my daily routine. I love getting an aromatherapy boost when I need it. Our easy to use guide is full of diffuser blends you can enjoy for a variety of reasons, as well as some diffusing basics in case you are new to diffusing oils!

Read our full blog post on diffuser recipes, click here


200+ Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Love making essential oil recipes but having trouble with the labeling part? Get these printable labels and vow to have no more mystery bottles around your home.

Read our full blog post on EO bottle labels, click here.


184 Printable Gift Tags

These gift tags can be used on all types of projects and gift giving packages. You will get 184 total labels to print up!!

Read the full blog post on gift tags, click here.


Essential Oil Resource Library

Free Printables from Blog Posts

----->>> Here is a HUGE list of free printable cheat sheets, recipe sheets, and guides to help you on your essential oil journey. Just visit the blog post that the free pdf is associated with to get the freebies. No email required for these!

Quick Dilution Chart

This dilution chart pdf is in our post on How to Do an Essential Oil Skin Test where I share why you may need to do one and how to do it.

Hair Detangler Spray

Say goodbye to tangly hair! Click here to read the full blog post.

#37 Hair Detangler Spray

Warming Ginger Massage Oil

Ginger Massage Oil is a great way to warm and soothe your body, helping with achy muscles. It is also very moisturizing to dry skin. Click here to read full blog post.

#36 Warming Ginger Massage Oil

DIY Poo Pourri Toilet Spray Recipe & Labels:

Freshen before you go with DIY Poopourri, why? Because we all go, and yes, it all stinks despite those that think they smell like roses :) Click here to read full blog post.

homemade toilet spray

Coconut Oil Lip Balm Recipe With Essential Oils:

Is winter drying out your lips? Get soft and moisturized lips with this recipe. Click here for the full blog post. Print on regular paper and tape labels on or print on sticker paper to stick onto lip balm.

#34 Coconut Oil Lip Balm Recipe With Essential Oils

Oil Drop Coloring Page:

Start Each Day With Coffee and Essential Oils Printable Sign:

#32 Start Each Day With Coffee and Essential Oils Printable Sign

Surviving Motherhood with Coffee and Essential Oils Printable Sign:

#31 Surviving Motherhood with Coffee and Essential Oils Printable Sign

Spray Bottle Labels - 20 Common Sprays:

You will find 20 common ways to use our 1oz or 2oz spray bottles, the smaller size fits these perfectly. I like to print on sticker paper for quick application onto bottle.

Click here for our post on Witch Hazel Spray

20 Spray Bottle Labels For 1oz and 2oz glass bottles

Homemade Essential Oil Recipe Bottle Labels:

These are some common essential oil spray recipes made, larger size fits 4oz and 8oz bottles well. You can print them on sticker paper or on regular paper and then attach using contact paper or packing tape.

#29 Homemade Essential Oil Recipe Bottle Labels

How To Use Nasal Inhalers:

Nasal inhalers are a great way to enjoy aromatherapy on the go, here is an easy cheat sheet on how to use them!

#28 How To Use Nasal Inhalers

Homemade With Love Gift Tags:

Add a special touch to your homemade gifts with these cute tags, just print on card stock and add some twine or ribbon!

#27 Homemade With Love Gift Tags:

Essential Oil Reference Cards:

These come in pink, blue and purple. Fill in all the details of your favorite essential oils so you will have a record of how and when to use that oil.

#26 Essential Oil Reference Cards

Christmas Diffuser Blends:

Enjoy these holiday blends that will get your home smelling like the holiday season.

Spider Vein Massage Oil:

You can read the full blog post on what essential oils are best for spider veins, click here.

#24 Spider Vein Massage Oil

"My Favorite Diffuser Recipes" Cheat Sheet:

Keep your top essential oils diffuser blends at hand and ready to reference next time you are diffusing your oils. Or you can even fill it in and share your favorites with a friend or new client!

My Favorite Diffuser Recipes Cheat Sheet

Fall Allergies Roller Recipe:

You can read the full blog post on what essential oils are best for fall allergies, click here.

#22 Fall Allergies Roller Recipe

Fall Leaf Gift Tags:

#21 Fall Leaf Gift Tags

"Diffuser Blends To Try" Sheet:

I love trying new diffuser blends, don't you? I keep this sheet near my computer so I can jot down some diffuser blends I want to try while I am on pinterest or visiting other websites.

#20 "Diffuser Blends To Try" Sheet

Fall Diffuser Blends:

#19 Fall Diffuser Blends

My Essential Oil Recipe Cards:

These come in pink, blue and purple. You can print out the sheet on regular paper and keep in a binder, or print on card stock and cut out as recipe cards, your choice!

#18 My Essential Oil Recipe Cards

Fall Breeze Cleaning Spray Recipe:

 #17 Fall Breeze Cleaning Spray Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving Gift Tags:

These tags can also be used as napkin rings when used with pretty ribbon, just wrap around fabric napkin and place on your Thanksgiving table!

#16 Happy Thanksgiving Gift Tags

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe:

Perfect for killing germs on the go when no sink is available, perfect for on the go. Click here to read full post.

#15 Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe

Sinus Headache Relief Roller Recipe:

Roller remedies are an awesome way to get the essential oils right were you need them, especially for sinus pain and pressure. Click here to read the full blog post.

#14 Sinus Headache Relief Roller Recipe

How To Use Gift Tags:

We offer a lot of printable gift tags for your creations and any gift giving packages. You just need card stock and twine or ribbon. Here our step by step guide shows you how to use them. Click here to read full blog post on using printable gift tags.

#13 How To Use Gift Tags

Inspirational Message Gift Tags:

#12 Inspirational Message Gift Tags

How To Use Printable Bottle Labels:

When making DIY Recipes it is super important to label your creations, avoid mystery bottles floating around your home. Click here to read our full blog post on labeling your essential oil bottles.

#11 How To Use Printable Bottle Labels

Happy Birthday Gift Tags:

#10 Happy Birthday Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Label/Tags:

#9 Christmas Gift Label/Tags

Roller Bottle Recipes Blank Sheet:

Comes in pink, purple and blue. Blank sheet so you can write in roller recipes you find online and offline that you want to try.

#8 Roller Bottle Recipes Blank Sheet

Ink Saving Blank Holiday Tags:

#7 Ink Saving Blank Holiday Tags

Holiday Message Gift Tags:

#6 Holiday Message Gift Tags


Fatigue Fighter Roll On Recipe:

#4 Fatigue Fighter Roll On Recipe

Germ Away Mini Foaming Hand Soap:

#3 Germ Away Mini Foaming Hand Soap

"Under The Influence of Oils" Printable Sign:

 #2 "Under The Influence of Oils" Printable Sign

"Relax I Have An Oil For That" Printable Sign:

This is a great sign to print up and place in your home or office, also a great conversation starter for a chance to talk to others about your passion!

#1 "Relax I Have An Oil For That" Printable Sign

Thank You For Your Support!

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