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DIY Antibacterial Hand Gel

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Here is a great antibacterial hand gel recipe, just in time for the germy season. No water needed! 

Put this hand gel in your bathroom, office, work space, or even in classroom.  Squirt on as need and rub into your hand.  Recipe only takes a few ingredients and little time to make. 

Lavender and melaleuca essential oils are the stars in this germ killing gel.  Both are well known for their antibacterial properties.  A perfectly natural way to destroy unwanted bacteria.  You will be killing those nasty germs in no time.

DIY Antibacterial Hand Gel Recipe


In a small glass bowl, add all ingredients and blend well.

Using a funnel, pour the hand sanitizer mixture into the glass pump bottle.

Label your hand gel. Be sure to shake well before using.

Here are the items I used for the recipe:

You could change up the essential oils to make different blends for your hand gel. If your favorite oil company has a disinfectant blend, you could use 20-35 drops of that essential oil blend instead of melaleuca and lavender.

DIY Antibacterial Hand Gel with Essential Oils

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