DIY Poopourri Toilet Spray Recipe - Freshen Before You Go

DIY Poopourri Toilet Spray Recipe - Freshen Before You Go

Freshen before you go with DIY Poopourri, why? Because we all go, and yes, it all stinks despite those that think they smell like roses :)

DIY Poo pourri is a much needed spray for the bathroom. Great for use in home or at your workplace.

While pooping is natural and nothing to be embarrassed about, the smell it leaves behind is definitely not socially acceptable. Store bought air freshener sprays are not helpful in this matter either because they leave their own nastiness in the air. Toilet spray lets you take care of business without sharing with everyone that you have.

Skip the grocery store shelves with name brands poopoo sprays, homemade versions are easy. Homemade poo pourri is inexpensive to make, and we love saving money.

What makes poo pourri spray unique is the fact that you spray it into the toilet water before you go, unlike air fresheners you spray into the air. The poo spray creates an oil barrier on the water surface, trapping odors in the toilet bowl.

Making this bathroom spray at home requires very basic ingredients. I like to use witch hazel and vegetable glycerin (click here for my favorite brand). I also like vanilla extract and essential oils to add the poo pourri scents. I prefer using drops of essential oil instead of fragrance oils too.

I use glass bottles over plastic bottles for all my essential oil toilet sprays, you can buy them here. We have free printable labels you can download for your poopourri spray too, see below how to get them.

DIY Poopourri Spray - Vanilla Mint


    1. Add ingredients to glass spray bottle
    2. Shake well and label.
    3. To use, shake well and spray 6-8 times into toilet before you go to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

    Recipe variations: Use different essential oils to change the scent of your spray, lemongrass essential oil is really popular in toilet sprays as well as lavender oil. You can add a few drops of food coloring to poop spray if you prefer, it makes it fun for kids. You can use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) instead as listed in recipe above if you desire.

    Free Spray Bottle Label & Tag

    We have free printable labels for spray bottles as well as a recipe card. Click here or picture to download.

    DIY Poopourri spray recipe for toilet freshener

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