Cedarwood Heart Soap for Sensitive Skin

Cedarwood Heart Soap for Sensitive Skin

Here is a simple Soap for Sensitive Skin. This is the Cedarwood Heart Soap recipe that I make for my youngest son, he suffers from psoriasis.

What helps my son avoid flare ups of his psoriasis is staying healthy and avoiding harsh chemical products. That is how I came to make these sensitive skin soaps, I just use a heart shape because I think they look cute.

I use a glycerin melt and pour base soap, cedarwood essential oil and that is it!! Seriously simple right?

Glycerin Soap for Sensitive Skin

Glycerin soap is gentle on skin and especially loved by people with sensitive skin. It is clear and has no dye or perfumes. Glycerin can also help lock in your skin’s natural moisture, this helps to prevent over-drying. You can read more on glycerin soap here.

Here is the glycerin soap base I use in this recipe, I like that it comes in squares for easy cutting and measuring:

Cedarwood Essential Oil

I chose cedarwood essential oil for this recipe because it is a very skin friendly oil and it is safe to use on kids. There are several types of cedarwood, any type can be used. I used juniperus virginiana in my soap recipe. Here are just some of the fabulous benefits of cedarwood oil:

  • Woody scent is calming and grounding
  • Wards of negative thoughts and worries
  • Benefits for the respiratory system
  • Soothes congestion and assists against infections
  • Has a sedative action on the mind and body

Best Heart Soap Mold

The heart silicone mold that I use is by Wilton. It is absolutely my favorite soap mold. It is very sturdy and solid, yet easy to get the soap out. Plus, I love how my soaps have a crisp heart shape!

Cedarwood Heart Soap for Sensitive Skin


1. Cut up glycerin soap and place into glass measuring cup. It should weigh 10 oz or if using the same soap as I am, it is 12 squares.

2. Place glass measuring cup into pan with 2 inches of boiling water. Boil until melted, takes about 10-15 minutes.

3. Remove from heat and add essential oils, blend in well. Pour evenly into three hearts.

4. Immediately spray top of soaps with rubbing alcohol in spray bottle, this pops the little bubbles that form on the soap tops when poured into mold. (this step can be omitted if you don't mind the little bubbles)

4. Let cool. Once solid (about 2 -3 hours), pop out of silicone mold.

5. Wrap soaps individually in plastic wrap to prevent soap from sweating.

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Cedarwood Heart Soap for Sensitive Skin Recipe by Loving Essential Oils

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