Essential Oils Guide for Emotions

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Essential Oils Guide for Emotions

$ 5.99 $ 9.99 -41% OFF
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Essential Oils and Emotions Guide

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Do you ever wonder why our emotions often dictate how we feel physically? Learn how to use Essential Oils to support your emotional wellness. You will also find out about the connection between emotions and essential oils.

Guide teaches:

  • Why Use Essential Oils for Emotions
  • How to Use Essential Oils for Emotions
  • DIY Inhaler Recipes for Emotional Well-being
  • How to Use a Diffuser with Diffuser Blends
  • List of Emotions that Essential Oils Promote and Address

Format: PDF download

Author: Jennifer Lane,

Pages: 17

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Essential Oils for Emotional Wellbeing by Loving Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Diane L.

In the emotions guide, there are essential oils listed with the emotional effects most people experience from them. This list I printed out and put in the essential oil binder the author recommends in other guides, where I can highlight the oils I use, and can later highlight the effects I experience myself with each oil. This is a great resource, and definitely saves me the time of doing the research myself. However, as is my usual complaint with this author, I wish a bigger variety of oils were included. I am allergic to certain common oils, and some common oils have circulatory effects that would interfere with medical conditions I have. Wanting to use natural remedies for my other problems before pharmaceutical remedies for everything, I have found lesser known substitutes for certain situations. It would be nice if I could find guides such as this author makes available that cover a wider range of oils, because, for what they do cover, they are supremely helpful!+

LaKishia P.

I love emotional healing with oils. I pair the essential oils with flower Essence for my clients.


I like the variety of supplies offered in this set. A little bit of everything so I could experiment with my essential oils and make home remedies.

Rita Stafford

Excellent! I love that your recipes aren't just a list of ingredients, but that you go into detail about the body - and why use certain ingredients. Every single one of the recipes that I have made have been excellent. Thank you!

Cora Gifford

I love my oils and having multiple recipes helps me to better my health for my family

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