Star Anise Essential Oil Guide with DIY Recipes

$ 2.99

Star Anise Essential Oil Guide with DIY Recipes

$ 2.99
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10 DIY Star Anise Oil Recipes Guide

Star Anise essential oil has a warm, sweet aroma similar to black licorice. Star anise oil contains many therapeutic properties that are beneficial for maintaining good health of the mind as well as body.

The star-shaped fruits are harvested when they turn brownish black or grayish black in color. The fruit is then steam distilled to obtain the star anise essential oil which can be used in various ways to treat several health issues.

Get this DIY star anise recipe guide and learn how to use it.

Guide teaches:

  • What is Star Anise Good for?
  • Safety Precautions for Use
  • 10 DIY Star Anise Recipes

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Author: Jennifer Lane,

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Star Anise Essential Oil eBook Recipe Guide by Loving Essential Oils
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