How To Make Gift Worthy Lavender Loofah Soap Bars

How To Make Gift Worthy Lavender Loofah Soap Bars

Have you ever used your essential oils in bar soap? Essential oil soap is another fabulous way to add your oils to your everyday beauty and bathing routine.

In this recipe we are using a melt and pour soap base. What is great about this base is that the hard soap making process has already been done for you, you are just left with the fun part...

  • Choosing the type of melt and pour soap base to use
  • Blending in the essential oils of choice
  • Picking the color of choice for the soap (or just leaving it all natural)
  • Using your choice of soap molds to determine the shape and look of soap

So many versions of soap could be made this way by just changing up one of the four variables above...endless gift possibilities. Are you inspired yet by the options? Think of all the homemade gifts you can make!

In this recipe I took it a step further and added in a small piece of loofah to the soap for some exfoliating action (and it looks cool too!)

I decided to buy a kit on Amazon for the loofah and the soap mold, here is the set:

You could easily get these two items without the kit. I didn't have any loofah and this was just easy. One thing about the kit, the soap mold is very flimsy so you will need to put it on a solid wooden tray like I have pictured so you can move the soap and not have the mold move and spill.

I used glycerin melt and pour soap base so the loofah could still be seen in the soap after it was done. You could use other options but then you wouldn't see the loofah, it would be a loofah surprise soap!

I thought purple mica powder for coloring the soap purple was appropriate since I was using lavender essential oil in this recipe but this can be changed to your choice. Here is the mica powder set of 24 colors I bought for different DIY projects.

I love to use lavender essential oil whenever I get the chance, why you ask? It is just so gentle and skin loving, plus I know whatever I am making will smell great.

Feel free to substitute the essential oil if you choose, just make sure it is an oil that is not harsh on skin. No hot oils, you want a skin nourishing oil since you will be rubbing it all over your body.

DIY Gift Lavender Bar Soap

DIY Lavender Loofah Soap Recipe

Items Needed:


Step 1: Cut loofah into 5-6 circular pieces using a bread knife and place into soap mold.

diy lavender loofah soap

Step 2: Cut glycerin into squares and place into glass measuring cup. Place measuring cup into a pan with 2 inches of boiling water.

diy essential oil soap

Step 3: Heat until the soap is melted, this is a slow process, takes almost 20 minutes for it to completely melt. Stir using a glass stir rod to help the process along.

diy lavender bar soap melt and pour base

Step 4: Once completely melted, remove from heat. Add in mica powder and stir well to blend coloring in.

lavender esssential oil soap recipe with loofah sponges

Step 5: Add in essential oils and stir well.

diy lavender essential oil loofah soap recipe

Step 6: Pour soap over the loofah in the molds, pushing loofah down so they are completely submerged. This recipe covered 4 loofahs completely and 1 loofah half way.

diy lavender loofah soap bars

Step 7: Let cool for 2 hours, then pop out of mold, and there you have it... essential oil soap with an exfoliating loofah. Take a shower and enjoy!

DIY lavender melt and pour soap recipe

That wasn't too difficult right?? And now you have a pretty, eye catching soap to you for yourself, your family, or to give as gifts.

If this is for a gift, wrap in plastic wrap and place in a cute gift bag or place soap in an airtight container and decorate the outside with ribbon and gift tag.

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DIY Lavender Loofah Soap Bars by Loving Essential Oils

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