How to Make Lavender & Orange Blossom Soap for Hands

How to Make Lavender & Orange Blossom Soap for Hands

Lavender & Orange Blossom, don't they just sound like a wonderful pair? Well, they are!

Lavender is just such a nourishing and loving oil for skin. Its gentle and versatile nature make it perfect for kids and adults. It has soothing and cleansing properties that makes it shine in a hand soap recipe.

Orange Blossom, aka Neroli, has an enchanting aroma that smells amazing. The essential oil is very precious because it has a low yield, meaning it takes lots of blossoms to create a single drop.

This is the reason neroli oil is more costly than most essential oils. You may not have this oil in your collection but don't worry, we are not using this oil in our recipe.

In this recipe we are using Orange Blossom flower water. Flower water is also called floral water or hydrosol. Hydrosols are produced by distilling plant materials and contain all the essence of the plant.

While flower waters have similar properties to essential oils, they are much less concentrated and their aromas are more subtle and soft.

Orange blossom flower water is revitalizing and hydrating to skin. It has naturally astringent properties that make it refreshing.

We added a few drops of orange essential oil just to add an additional orange punch.

Lavender & Orange Blossom Hand Soap


Step 1: Using a funnel, add castile soap to foaming bottle

Step 2: Add vitamin E oil

Step 3: Add in essential oils

Step 4: Fill bottle with orange blossom flower water

Step 5: Be sure to leave space at top for foaming pump. Place top on and shake gently.


Your done! The foaming bottle lets out a luxurious foam soap that is not only wonderful to use, but also cost effective because it produces lots of soap from 1/2 tablespoon of castle soap.

Place the bottle by bathroom sink or take this mini foaming bottle with you when traveling.

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