#1 Fan Favorite Essential Oil To Use For Cleaning

#1 Fan Favorite Essential Oil To Use For Cleaning

Do you use essential oils in cleaning? If your answer is no, you are missing out. Cleaning with essential oils is an absolutely amazing way to put your oils to use. Cleaning usually is not an enjoyable task for the majority, but you will love the aroma and the cleanliness that is left behind when using essential oils for cleaning.

In a recent weekly giveaway, where many of our fans entered to win a set of 2  Essential Oil Travel Cases, we asked them an oily question and they answered. Bonnie R from NC was our lucky winner, congrats!

We appreciate everyone's participation, be sure to join our giveaway each week so you can weigh in on our oily questions and have a chance to be featured on a blog post.

Here is the question we asked:

What Is Your Favorite Essential Oil to Use for Cleaning?

And the winner is...Lemon Essential Oil!

A whooping 73% chose Lemon Oil. It's no wonder, lemon oil has an aroma that is just so refreshing and clean smelling. This powerful oil is great at removing unpleasant odors and disinfecting the air, as well as surfaces.

Limonene is the main chemical component within lemon essential oil. Limonene has strong antimicrobial actions. This means that it kills microorganisms or stops their growth. Amazing, right? This makes lemon a perfect cleaning oil.

I totally agree with Alyssa from IL, she said "I like to use lemon as my scent for cleaning. It just gives your whole house an overall clean scent!".

Carol from OR said "Lemon oil works wonders for shining faucets and removing water stains."

Samantha said she uses Lemon in her dishwasher to give a fresh smell and extra clean.

Christine from TX said "I use 50/50 vinegar & water with several drops of lemon EO to wash the floors."

Here is the breakdown of all the oils chosen:

#1. Lemon Essential Oil - 73%

#2. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 8%

#3. Lavender Essential Oil - 4%

#4. Lemongrass Essential Oil - 4%

#5. Grapefruit Essential Oil - 3%

#6. Peppermint Essential Oil - 3%

#7. Rosemary Essential Oil - 3%

#8. Orange Essential Oil - 1%

#9. Lime Essential Oil - 1%

How Do You Use Essential Oils in to Your Cleaning Routine?

Check out some of the responses we received and get some great ideas & tips about how you can incorporate essential oils into your cleaning routine.

 -"I love to use essential oils to clean my home. My favorite are citrus - lemon and orange. They are so versatile and make my home smell so fresh and clean. I also love that they are safe for my family. Having lupus has opened my eyes to the chemicals around us on a daily basis and how they affect us. My lupus tends to affect my skin the most and since a majority of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our blood stream, essential oils have now played an enormous role in both my cleaning and beauty routines. I feel better and my home is safer. Win. Win." -Michele, CA

-"I add lemon, tea tree, orange, white vinegar and purified water to a glass spray bottle and wipe down all my counters" -Lindsay, MA

-"I use baking soda and water to soak my fruit from the store, then add a drop or two of lemon eo then rinse. The fruit is clean and what comes off in the water is unbelievable! I use Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary eo's with white vinegar and distilled water as a general counter/surface cleaner in my kitchen. I have a similar mix for my bathrooms with Thieve's Oil blend I mixed. I make my own "fabric softener" with vinegar and eo's." -Cindy, FL

-"Tea Tree with vinegar; Lemon on wool balls and in wash; peppermint for Louisiana roache." -Lori, LA

-"I love essential oils. I make a multi purpose cleaner with vinegar an essential oil of my liking at that moment. (Usually lemon & sweet orange, or lemon & peppermint, or sweet orange & bergamot. Who am I kidding the oil choices are endless.) So I'll use this mixture in my glass spray bottle and use it just about anywhere that may need a good cleanse counters, tables, appliances, even the floor. I also use essential oils in my dish water while washing the dishes. My favorite for that would have to be basil, it's so calming. I can't do any laundry without adding some tea tree to the wash and some lavender on a cloth I throw into the dryer as my "dryer sheet", especially when drying any bedding. Essential oils have become an everyday use in my household. I even have friends and family asking me how to use them or if I could whip them up something for whatever may ale them.: -Kristina, NE

-"Lemon mixed with water for kitchen counters. Lemon mixed with some other ingredients for the shower." -Sandy, PA

-"I make up drain deodorizer pills, toilet cleaner pills, and pail deodorizers that I place around places that need a little extra help. I also make up reusable dusting/cleaning clothes that i keep in a jar so they're ready to use. Once used they go into the wash and are then prepped for the next use. I've just gotten another recipe to make up reusable clothes to clean up messes. I'm just getting started and have found there are so many ways we can use these oils and not have to pay a lot of money to keep commercial products around that have chemicals not too friendly to the human body." -Wanda, TX

-"I use many different oils depending on what I’m doing. Lemongrass as a basic cleaner. Tea Tree as disinfectant. And different ones on my dryer ball." -Alice, PA

-"I use Tea Tree Essential oil in a spray bottle on my yoga mats after I use them. It leaves them smelling fresh, and kills the bacteria that may have come from the sweat." -Josie, TN

-"I mix in essential oils with vinegar and water and it cleans so well! I also made an air spray with oils and water and a little soap to carry the oils around. I used it during this horrible wildfire season to catch the smoke particles in the house and make them settle. I had way less health problems than many other people." -Ingrid, WA

-"I add eos to the water when washing dishes. A few drops in washer, or I will put some oil on cotton ball that I have wrapped and secured in the end of old pantyhose or on a rag. I have even added some to cheap drier sheets to make the smell better." -Amiee, OH

-"Oils do most of my cleaning! Slowly, I am moving away from all the toxins and going to diy versions. As of now, I make my own toilet bombs, kitchen cleaner, tub cleaner, window cleaner, body wash, and face cleanser. I haven't found a shampoo that I've been able to like (my hair is oily) but I keep trying! " -Susan, KY

-"As I am just getting started I don't have a lot of oils yet. I use the oils I do have to spray the furniture and curtains to get rid of the musty smell and the smell of pets. I love the way my house smells afterwards" -Patricia, ND

-"I use tea tree and /or lemon with vinegar and water in a spray bottle. I also use baking soda add a few drops of my favorite oil shake it well in a jar and then use to sprinkle on carpets and even add some to my laundry for a refresh" -Jessica, MT

-"I love using essential oils for cleaning the bathroom. before I would have to hold my breath or even put a mask on when cleaning with commercial products." -Dana, IA

-"I use them in my shower cleaning I make toilet bombs to clean the toilet and I use them to clean my mirrors." -Sandra, OH

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#1 Fan Favorite Essential Oil To Use For Cleaning by Loving Essential Oils

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