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Guess That Smell with Essential Oils

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Essential Oil Games Guess That Smell Kid Friendly

Kid Friendly Essential Oil Games - Guess That Smell

Have you ever played Guess That Smell? My kids love to bring items to me and say, smell this. Usually this makes me leery because it is almost always gross smelling.  If we smell something gross, why do we feel the need to share it with others? I usually will end up taking a cautious whiff, just out of curiosity.

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. Smells can be good, bad, evoke emotions, or make us run the other way. Aromatherapy can be powerful, using smells for emotional and mental support.

A great game to play with children is Guess That Smell with Essential Oils. It is easy and fun. Simply take a few jars and some cotton balls. Place a few cotton ball in each jar, then place a few drops of essential oil on the cotton balls into each jar, making sure each jar has a different essential oil in it.  Like one jar of orange oil, one jar of lavender oil, one jar of peppermint oil, etc. You can label the bottom of the jars so you do not forget which oil you placed into each jar, just make sure no one peeks at the labels.

I like to use about 6 or 7 jars for this game.  My favorite essential oils to use for this game are orange, lemon, lavender, melaleuca, oregano, peppermint and rosemary. It is cute some of the answers kids can come up with, like oregano smells like spaghetti or peppermint like toothpaste. This is also a great time to talk to children about essential oils and aromatherapy benefits.

Kids love to play games, especially interactive ones. Guess That Smell with Essential Oils can be played on play dates, at a party, daycare centers, as a school activity or anytime you want to engage children to use their sense of smell!

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