How to Keep Ants Away Without Pesticides

How to Keep Ants Away Without Pesticides

What impresses me the most about essential oils is that there are SO many uses for them. Case in point, this ant repellent! I just can't get over how something as simple as pure Peppermint essential oil will keep ants and spiders away. They don't like it one bit! It's a great alternative to pesticides.

I recently had an outbreak of tiny red ants in my home. They were hanging out by the bathroom sink, I guess enjoying toothpaste remnants??

Anyway, I was able to mist this spray all around the sink and countertop of my kids bathroom. After a quick wipe down, the kids bathroom was not only ant free, but also clean and fresh smelling! Now what other ant spray can say that?

Here's the recipe for how to keep ants away without pesticides

How to Keep Ants Away Without Pesticides by Loving Essential Oils

How to Keep Ants Away Without Pesticides



  1. Fill your spray bottle up 3/4 way with distilled water
  2. Add in witch hazel
  3. Add in peppermint essential oil
  4. Place the lid back on and shake

To use: Spray the ant area generously. Wipe area down with paper towels so you can throw them away. Be sure to cover the entire ant trail to remove the scent they have left behind for future ant friends. You may need to repeat the process a few time for stubborn ant problems.

As an ant deterrent, spray of the bottom of your door frames and window ledges, inside and out, and the ants and spiders will be running in the other direction!

*Keep the spray bottle out of reach of children and pets. This is not something you want anyone to drink obviously.

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How to Keep Ants Away Without Pesticides Using Peppermit Essential Oil by Loving Essential Oils

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