5 Ways to Use a Neroli Roll On {Plus How to Make!}

5 Ways to Use a Neroli Roll On {Plus How to Make!}

Neroli essential oil comes from the fragrant white blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Neroli is a key ingredient in many well-known perfumes & colognes, thanks to its beautiful scent. A favorite way to enjoy this oil is as a Neroli Roll On.

The flowers are carefully handpicked to prevent bruising and are steam distilled quickly because once picked, they began to lose their oil.

Due to this delicate process and the large amount of flower material needed, neroli essential oil is one of the more costly oils. It is a cherished oil, that's for sure! This way of use can really stretch the cost out because you only need a little amount of oil for each roller bottle.

The high cost makes this oil at risk for adulteration so be sure to buy from a trusted supplier. Here is a favorite if you need a bottle:

Neroli Essential Oil from Edens Garden - Loving Essential Oils

How to Make a Neroli Roll On Bottle


Add 2-10 drops of neroli oil to a 10 ml roller bottle (depending on desired strength). Fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil. Place on top and cap, then roll bottle between the palms to blend oils together. Label bottle.

5 Ways to Use a Neroli Roll On

#1. Skin - Roll on to skin to naturally brighten skin and soothe blemishes & irritations.

#2. Sleep - For a better night's sleep, roll on chest & shoulders to invoke positive feelings before bedtime.

#3. Tension - Ease tension & relax the body by rolling Neroli onto neck & shoulders.

#4. Anxiety - Soothe anxious feelings by rolling Neroli oil onto chest & deeply inhaling.

#5. Perfume - Use as all natural perfume, just roll onto pulse points for a sweet yet floral scent.

Tip: Roller bottles can be rolled onto just about any part of the body with a few exceptions. Keep away from eyes, inside ears and mucous membranes to prevent irritation.

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5 Ways to Use a Neroli Roll On {Plus How to Make!} by Loving Essential Oils

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