Oil Pulling with Essential Oils: A Simple Guide

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic practice where you swish coconut oil in your mouth. This process is said to detoxify the body, provide various health benefits, and improve oral hygiene. In this post we'll explore why oil pulling may be beneficial as well as some tips on how to do it correctly!
Oil Pulling with Essential Oils: A Simple Guide by Well Journey & Loving Essential Oils

I want to introduce Jessica Wagner, she is the founder of WellJourney.net where she writes about her family's journey to wellness. Here she shares about Oil Pulling and Essential Oils as a natural way to detox your body.

When you think of detoxing your body, you might think of only consuming clean juices for a week straight or taking some type of supplement that supposedly cleanses your body from within.

Often, these types of detoxes are done every so often and can be annoying and aggravating, not to mention also not very appetizing.

What if I told you there is a way to detox your body on a daily basis that allows you to drink and eat what you please when you please? You might be skeptical, and I don’t blame you with all of the “get clean quick” fads out there. However, this proven method is not a fad and truly does detox your body while allowing you to go about your normal day.

This method is called “oil pulling”.

How to Use Essential Oils with Oil Pulling by Loving Essential Oils

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic method that helps support oral health, as well as cleansing your body of toxins. These toxins can be chemical, environmental, and bacterial and can all be removed from your blood through this process.

This method works by pulling the toxins and heavy metals from within and having them stick to the oil that you will eventually spit out. (1)

It’s simple, really. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, or get ready for work, all while detoxing your body by moving oil around in your mouth.

How to Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling requires you to “pull”, or swish, 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth for at least ten minutes per day. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you could do this for up to twenty minutes daily.

Not only can this help remove unwanted, harmful bacteria in your body, but it may also help whiten teeth, stop bleeding gums, remove bad breath, prevent cavities, and help clear acne (1).

Brush and floss your teeth as normal after you spit and rinse (try rinsing with warm salt water for added benefits).

4 Oil Pulling Tips for Beginners

1. Spit It Out

Be sure to spit out the oil in the trashcan when your timer is up - you do not want to clog your drains or swallow all those toxins you just worked to pull out of your system.

2. Type of Oil to Use for Pulling

The traditional Ayurvedic method uses sesame oil, but coconut oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil may also be used.

3. Best Time to Oil Pull

Research suggests the best time of day is right when you wake up on an empty stomach.

4. Start Out Small

You can overdo oil pulling. Pulling oil too long may cause you to accidentally inhale some of the oil into your lungs, which is why you want to start out slow (3-5 minutes) and work your way up.

Benefits of Oil Pulling with Essential Oils

Although oil pulling by itself has worked well for many people, some find it even better when you add an essential oil or two into the mix. Think of essential oils that are commonly used for killing bacteria and promoting overall health. The best oils to add to help with this are peppermint, lemon, clove, and spearmint. (2)

Peppermint Essential Oil

Your toothpaste probably contains peppermint flavor in some form. Try adding true peppermint oil to your routine to help get the added anti-bacterial and anti-microbial benefits.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon can help keep those gums healthy and kill bacteria in your mouth at the same time! Plus, the taste of lemon is always a plus in the morning - think of it as a fresh start to the day.

Clove Essential Oil

Clove is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so when combined with oil pulling, the germ-fighting greatly increases!

Spearmint Essential Oil

This is another essential oil that not only helps to flavor the oil-pulling process, but also adds its own anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic support. Learn more about spearmint essential oil.

Simply adding 1-2 drops of an EO to your tablespoon of oil can greatly enhance the benefits of oil pulling. You don’t even need to worry about your essential oil being diluted because the oil you’re already using acts as a carrier oil, too! Total win-win for me.

Detoxing your body in as little as twenty minutes (max!) per day, plus added oral health benefits, all while using items that you currently have in your home and don’t have to spend a fortune to replace when you run out? It sounds like an actual bandwagon I can not only hop on but can stay on for the ride! Sit back, relax, and detox!

Bio: Jessica Wagner is a wife to an amazing husband, dog-mom to a crazy Irish Setter, and an elementary educator. She is the founder of WellJourney.net - a site she has built to help those on their way towards a ‘well mind, well body, and well soul’, through the sharing of her own imperfect journey towards overall wellness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*The Oil Pulling method should not replace your dental hygiene routines.


(1) Shanbhag, V. K. L. (2016, June 6). Oil pulling for maintaining oral hygiene - A review. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5198813/

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