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Rosemary Oil Uses for Emotional Support

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Our emotions are very complex things. There's not a cure-all, one time drug out there that can help our emotions. In fact, when you read some of the labels on the anti-depressant traditional medicines on the market today, you'll find that one of the side effects to that anti-depressant is DEPRESSION!

Rosemary Essential Oil Uses For Emotional Support

Rosemary Oil Uses For Emotional Support

So how do we combat these emotions? How do we stop the pain that so easily entangles us? How can we get through the worst of times?

With Rosemary essential oil of course. Emotional support is just one of the many rosemary oil uses. Rosemary is called "The Oil of Knowledge & Transition" in the book Emotional Healing With Essential Oils by Daniel Macdonald.

Rosemary oil assists people going through an extreme amount of pressure and transition. It helps them during their confusion and difficulty, even their willful ignorance or lack of wanting to deal with a situation for fear that it is too much to handle.

The trick is that you need to SMELL this fantastic oil. You see, when you SMELL Rosemary oil, it accesses your Amygdala gland. It is a gland in the brain that holds emotional grief and is ONLY accessed by scent. Have you ever smelled pumpkin pie and it brings back memories of a Thanksgiving celebration with your family, that's your amygdala at work.

To activate your amygdala, try this popular method.  Add a single drop of rosemary essential oil to your hands, rub hands together, and cup over your nose and mouth, then deeply inhale the scent to assist you emotionally with transitioning.  Do this a few time throughout the day and when needed. 

Alternatively, you can apply topically by placing 1-3 drops on the brow, neck or behind ears. Diffusing rosemary oil in an essential oil diffuser is another option.

Smelling Rosemary will help you be able to transition seamlessly through whatever hardship you are dealing with. It teaches us that we don't have to understand everything, and invites us to trust more in what we know is true. It supports us in feeling hopeful and self-assured in those great and difficult times and helps root us in the knowledge that everything will be okay. This too shall pass.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Emotional Support Diffuse or Apply Topically

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