Therapeutic Essential Oils, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade...What Does It Mean?

Therapeutic Essential Oils, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade...What Does It Mean?

Therapeutic essential oils.

Therapeutic grade.

Certified pure therapeutic grade.

What in the world does all this mean? Do essential oils need to be labeled as therapeutic in order for them to work?

If you look the word therapeutic up in the dictionary you’ll find that it’s defined as “relating to the healing of disease.” You’ll also find synonyms such as healing, restorative, health-giving, and beneficial.

Isn’t this what we expect from using essential oils? So, why are some labeled as therapeutic and others aren’t?

Therapeutic Essential Oils

First, let’s clear something up. All essential oils are therapeutic by nature.

When you use an essential oil, you’re going to receive a benefit from it. It’s what essential oils are, and it’s what they do.

When you use a drop of Eucalyptus essential oil for sinus discomfort, it’s going to work whether the bottle it came from says it’s therapeutic or not.

When you see oils labeled as therapeutic grade or certified pure therapeutic grade, what you’re seeing is nothing more than a clever marketing tactic. There are no certifying bodies that govern essential oils, and there’s no entity that determines whether an oil is considered therapeutic or not.

Again, all essential oils are therapeutic.

What Are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Loving Essential Oils

Therapeutic Grade vs Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

In an article written for NAHA, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, renowned aromatherapist and co-founder of the New York Institute for Aromatic Studies, Jade Shutes states that the word therapeutic was not used in the aromatherapy world until sometime in the 1990s.

She goes on to state that it was a marketing department that started using the term to make buyers think that only a certain company’s essential oils had therapeutic benefits, while other company’s oils did not.

Further in the article, Shutes goes on to talk about the term Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) – the designation used by doTERRA. She talks about how this term is nothing more than a marketing gimmick and that the only thing it really means is that doTERRA has paid a fee to register CPTG as a trademark.

You can see the “registered” mark on any bottle of doTERRA essential oil right beside the words Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Many associated with doTERRA claim that this is a designation from the FDA because they have FDA compliant labels on their essential oil bottles. This simply isn’t true.

doTERRA does have FDA compliant essential oil labels on their bottles, but this is only because doTERRA is promoting their oils as supplements and are such, including supplemental facts on their bottles.

Essential oil regulation is not within the scope of the FDA, and quite frankly, I hope that it never is.

Purchasing Essential Oils

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to an essential oil being therapeutic, purity is your main concern. If you’re using a pure essential oil, free from fillers, etc., then you can expect a therapeutic benefit from that oil.

So, what does this all mean for someone that’s looking to purchase essential oils? Quite frankly, it just means you don’t need to be concerned with whether the bottle you’re looking to buy is marked as therapeutic.

Instead, you’re going to want to just make sure you’re buying your quality essential oils from a reputable company that offers GC/MS results for their oils. Mainly, you’re just looking for purity.

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Therapeutic Essential Oils, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade...What Does It Mean? by Loving Essential Oils

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