Why Use Fractionated Coconut Oil With Essential Oils?

Why Use Fractionated Coconut Oil With Essential Oils?

Why use fractionated coconut oil with essential oils? Fractionated coconut oil is a popular carrier oil used with essential oils and aromatherapy. There are many reasons that people enjoy using it to dilute oils before applying topically, here are the top five reasons we enjoy using fractionated coconut oil (FCO).

5 Reasons To Use Fractionated Coconut Oil

1) Always In Liquid Form

FCO is stable at all temperatures and environments so it won't ruin your oils and will always be liquid. Perfect for diluting your essential oils. You can create massage oils, roller recipes, bath & body oils, and more using fractionated coconut oil.

2) Odorless

FCO has no odor, therefore it will not alter the aromatic properties of your essential oils. This makes it great for pairing with your essential oils. Only the scent of your essential oil blend will come through.

3) Moisturizing

FCO provides a soothing barrier to skin without clogging pores. This is excellent for dry or troubled skin. Fractionated coconut oil is a great moisturizer.

4) Save Money

Diluting with FCO allows your essential oil drops to go further by requiring less drops of essential oil for topical application, this will save money. Plus, FCO is inexpensive to buy, allowing you to use it in your everyday oil routine.

5) No Greasy Residue

FCO leaves no greasy residue, it is readily absorbed into skin so once you apply you can move on with your day. This is wonderful because some carrier oils leave a greasy, thick residue on the skin. It is colorless too, so it will not stain your clothes :)

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Why Use Fractionated Coconut Oil With your Essential Oils? 5 Reasons to Use Fractionated Coconut Oil

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