Sun Salutations - Yoga Poses, Breathing, and Chants

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Sun Salutations - Yoga Poses, Breathing, and Chants

$ 3.99
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Sun Salutations means getting your body in motion! During Yoga classes your body is doing static postures most of the time whereas with Sun Salutations all parts integrate and function together.

Sun Salutations are meant to be practiced first thing in the morning. If not in the morning, practice in the evening to end your day.

They can also be used as a warm-up to your yoga practice. This practice is meant to be used as your quiet time before the sun rises or quiet time as your day ends.

You Will Discover:

  • Introduction to Sun Salutations
  • Your Body in Action
  • Breathing and Mantras
  • Practice Sun Salutations in the Morning
  • Tips Before Beginning
  • Sun Salutation Yoga Sequence (Classic)
  • Specific information on each Salutation
  • How to Perform Each Pose
  • And More...

Practicing Sun Salutations will free your mind, body and spirit of anything that has you stuck and allow you to have a peaceful, calm day! Sun Salutations can be used with all Yoga styles. There are, of course, variations of the sun salutations but all styles of yoga seem to incorporate them.

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