Frankincense Vetiver Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend Roll On

$ 7.99

Frankincense Vetiver Helichrysum Essential Oil Blend Roll On

$ 7.99
Product description

Frankincense Vetiver Helichrysum essential oil blend is a combination of three powerful essential oils that can bring many benefits to your health and wellbeing. This blend can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, improve skin health, and help improve sleep.


Handcrafted Blend by Aromatherapist Jennifer Lane - Frankincense, Vetiver, and Helichrysum in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 5% dilution.


Fractionated Coconut Oil is known for its ability to deeply moisturize the skin and dilute essential oils for safe topical application. It is derived from coconut oil and is odorless, colorless, and has a longer shelf life than traditional coconut oil. It is also always in liquid form.

The oil blend comes in a 10 ML Roll On Bottle, made with 100% pure essential oils. Roller bottles are made of cobalt blue glass with stainless steel rollerballs and a black cap.

Essential Oil Blend Highlights

Volume: 10 milliliters

Shelf Life: Should be used in 6-12 months

Shipping: Items shipped from California. US shipping only, no international orders.

Safety Precautions: Made for ages 12 and up. Essential oil roll-ons come dilution in an organic fractionated coconut oil base so they are ready for use.

Do not use if allergic to any ingredient, test on skin before liberally applying.

NEED A CUSTOM BLEND? Contact me, I can customize this blend to your needs! Or, get a custom roll on blend here!


Whether you are looking to reduce stress, improve your skin health, or boost your immunity, this blend of frankincense, vetiver, and helichrysum essential oils can help you achieve your goals.

  • Frankincense is known for its calming and grounding effects and can help reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help improve skin health by reducing inflammation and helping the healing process.
  • Vetiver is a great oil for promoting relaxation and calming the mind. It is also known for its sedative effects and can help reduce insomnia and promote better sleep.
  • Helichrysum essential oil is known for its powerful antimicrobial properties, making it a great choice for boosting immunity. It is also known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, helping to reduce pain and promote healing.

This blend of essential oils can bring many benefits to your health and wellbeing.

How to Use Rollerball Blends

Simply roll on the oil blend to your wrists, arms, upper chest, back, temples, feet, or neck. You can use to specifically target an area of concern, like applying to neck for tension or belly for upset stomach.

For generalized aromatherapy purposes, apply to arms and chest to enjoy topical and aromatic benefits.

The best part about this product is it can be used anywhere - at home, before heading out into the world, or taken with you for on the go use!

Want to DIY? Learn how to make roller bottle blends!

Frankincense Vetiver Helichrysum Roll On

This essential oil blend is a powerful combination that can be used to promote deep relaxation and a sense of peace.

Frankincense has a woody, earthy aroma that is known for its calming properties and its ability to reduce stress. Vetiver is a grassy scent with a grounding, calming effect that helps to reduce anxiety and tension. Helichrysum is a bright, floral scent that is known for its ability to promote emotional wellbeing and reduce stress.

When combined, these three essential oils offer a powerful blend that can help to ease stress and promote a sense of relaxation and peace.

*Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor is it a substitute for medical advice.

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