Aromatherapy Checklists - Essential Oil Uses Guide

$ 4.99

Aromatherapy Checklists - Essential Oil Uses Guide

$ 4.99
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There are plenty of supportive essential oils waiting to assist you in your daily life for common issues that come up. Be well equipped and confident in your essential oil choices with these easy to read Aromatherapy Checklists!

The chosen oils on the checklists will help guide your path. Finding what works best for YOU and your loved ones is part of the aromatherapy journey!

Aromatherapy Checklists Includes:

  • Basic Safety Precautions
  • 20 Must Have Essential Oils checklist
  • Common Essential Oil Tools and DIY Ingredients
  • Oils for Digestion
  • Oils for Lack of Sleep
  • Oils for Allergies
  • Oils for Stress
  • Oils for Headaches
  • Oils for Bad Odors
  • DIY Recipes and Blends
  • And so much more!!

Format: PDF download

Author: Jennifer Lane,

Pages: 33 (see photo below)

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Aromatherapy checklists for essential oil uses by Loving Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Diane L.

The booklet starts out with 20 must-have oils, and then lists certain oils for certain conditions or situations. The oils listed mostly stick to the 20 must-have oils, but there are suggestions for using other oils included on just about every list. Additionally, on the top of each list is an address for a blog post from the author, where she goes into more detail and has included some recipes. If you download the booklet to an electronic device, the address is a link to the blog post, which is very handy. The downside is that if you print out the booklet, you still need a digital copy to get to all of the pertinent information, or type the address into your digital device. Even so, if you just want to wing it on your own recipes, then this guide gives you a great list of ingredients to pick from!

Claire B.

Good value. Knowledgeable.

Steve W.

Back pain has gotten worse and slowly getting oils and equipment together to help deal with the pain.

Mary H.

Great. Very nice!

Denise M.

looking forward to making many different blends!

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