Aromatherapy Checklists - Essential Oil Uses Guide

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Aromatherapy Checklists - Essential Oil Uses Guide

$ 4.99
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There are plenty of supportive essential oils waiting to assist you in your daily life for common issues that come up. Be well equipped and confident in your essential oil choices with these easy to read Aromatherapy Checklists!

The chosen oils on the checklists will help guide your path. Finding what works best for YOU and your loved ones is part of the aromatherapy journey!

Aromatherapy Checklists Includes:

  • Basic Safety Precautions
  • 20 Must Have Essential Oils checklist
  • Common Essential Oil Tools and DIY Ingredients
  • Oils for Digestion
  • Oils for Lack of Sleep
  • Oils for Allergies
  • Oils for Stress
  • Oils for Headaches
  • Oils for Bad Odors
  • DIY Recipes and Blends
  • And so much more!!

Format: PDF download

Author: Jennifer Lane,

Pages: 33 (see photo below)

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Aromatherapy checklists for essential oil uses by Loving Essential Oils

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