Essential Oil Roller Blends For Sale - Set of 6 Fall Favorites

$ 29.99 $ 49.99 -41% OFF

Essential Oil Roller Blends For Sale - Set of 6 Fall Favorites

$ 29.99 $ 49.99 -41% OFF
Product description

Fall Favorites Roller Blends Set - Limited Time Offer!

Here is a quick and easy way to get started with essential oils and aromatherapy. You will receive a set of 6 Roller Bottle Blends that are ready to use!

These roller bottles make essential oils easy to apply, just roll onto skin. Simply roll on the oil to your wrists, arms, upper chest, back, temples, feet, or neck - wherever you find most comfortable.

FREE US SHIPPING - Enjoy Ready Made Roller Blends This Fall! *Set only available for shipping within the USA.

This set of 6 Roller Blends come in a portable tin case pictured. Here are the aromatherapy blends you will receive:

1. Focused Roll On

  • Keep your mind clear and focused! This blend will help you stay on task throughout the day so that you can accomplish all of your work with ease.
  • Blend of vetiver, lavender, frankincense, and cedarwood.

2. Dreamy Roll On

  • Promote relaxation and calm before bedtime. Simply roll it on when you're winding down in the evening.
  • Blend of lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, patchouli, ginger root, and petitgrain.

3. Breathe Deep Roll On

  • Encourages you to take a deep breath, release tension, and soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Use it before breathwork, meditation, or yoga!
  • Blend of eucalyptus, laurel leaf, peppermint, camphor, tea tree, cardamom, niaouli, lemon, ravensara, and rosemary.

4. Calm Roll On

  • Have you been feeling restless, stressed out, or just in need of some relief from the day to day grind? This soothing blend is perfect for easing your mind. It will quickly become your go to when you need a little break. It's time to get calm.
  • Blend of lime, litsea cubeba, grapefruit, mandarin, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and tangerine.

5. Serene Roll On

  • Do you ever feel like the world is on your shoulders and it's a heavy load? Maybe you need a break from everything, but don't know how to find time for yourself. Have a moment of peace and tranquility with just a few rolls.
  • Blend of lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, and vanilla.

6. Pumpkin Spice Roll On

  • Are you in need of a quick pick-me-up? Let this roller blend help you perk up and feel cozy all season long with its spicy fall aroma.
  • Blend of blood orange, coffee, cinnamon bark, clove, balsam of peru, and vanilla.

Buy Essential Oil Roll On Blends

The best part about this product is it can be used anywhere - at home during an intense tv marathon or on the go before heading into work! Plus our roll on bottle makes it easy to take care of yourself so no excuses!

Each roll on bottle is 10 ml, made with 100% pure essential oils. These essential oil roll-ons come ready made at a five percent dilution in organic fractionated coconut oil base and they are safe to apply topically onto skin.

Roller bottles are made of cobalt blue glass with stainless steel rollerballs and a black cap. For ages 12 and up.

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