Lemon & Melaleuca Non-toxic Green Cleaning Spray

Lemon & Melaleuca Non-toxic Green Cleaning Spray

Improve the health of your home with this non-toxic green cleaning spray recipe. It uses only natural ingredients.  Free yourself from toxic overload. It doesn’t take much, just a glass spray bottle and four ingredients.

You inhabit your home, you don’t want your environment full of toxins, and I know you do not want them around your children or pets.  This green cleaning spray I let my kids clean with.  How many store bought cleaners would you let your kids use? 

I saw a commercial the other day for a brand-name bleach and it was boasting about how the smell of this brand-name bleach means clean.  To me the smell of bleach does not smell clean, it smells toxic.  It makes me cough and have difficulty breathing. 

You don't have to use these toxic cleaners, you have other options.

Lemon and Melaleuca (aka tea tree) essential oils naturally kill germs while leaving only a fresh aroma. You can have the peace of mind that no chemicals will be left behind!

DIY Green Cleaning Spray Recipe

  • 8 oz Trigger Spray bottle
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup White Vinegar
  • 14 drops Lemon essential oil
  • 14 drops Melaleuca essential oil


  1. Add all ingredients into spray bottle.
  2. Place spray top on bottle, then shake well to mix.
  3. Shake bottle before each use to ensure even distribution of ingredients.

Use Lemon & Melaleuca green cleaner to clean and disinfect everything in your house like countertops, toilet, stove, microwave, door handles, light switches and so much more. Not only does it leave a wonderful fresh smell instead of a toxic chemical smell, it will also leave money in your wallet (costs only pennies to make!).  Click here to purchase our 8 oz glass trigger spray bottles.


 Essential Oil Recipe Tips:

-When using essential oils for cleaning be sure to use only high quality, therapeutic essential oils.

-Lemon & tea tree essential oil are excellent choices for this recipe but you can try different essential oils in this recipe.

-Vinegar is a well known natural cleaner, it will help get dirt and grime off wood surfaces.

-Be sure to shake bottle well before each use to ensure even distribution of ingredients.

50+ DIY Essential Oil Recipe Guide:

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Lemon & Melaleuca Essential Oil Non-Toxic Cleaning Spray

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