Spearmint Essential Oil Foot Soak Recipe - Invigorating Foot Bath

Spearmint Essential Oil Foot Soak Recipe - Invigorating Foot Bath

Your feet deserve some pampering. Tired and sore feet will benefit from soaking in a soothing bath. Give them an at home spa treatment with this invigorating homemade foot soak with spearmint essential oil.

Spearmint oil has an energizing and invigorating aroma. It encourages a sense of focus while uplifting mood. It also has cleansing properties so it is a great oil for an all-natural essential oil foot soak recipe.

Epsom salt is a wonderful soaking solution. It is perfect if you need a foot soak for sore feet. Epsom salt can help relax muscles, reduce stress levels, and soften the skin.

Foot soaks are a great way to unwind after a long day at work. You can read or watch TV while your feet are soaking. Add this essential oil foot soak recipe with our natural face mask recipe and enjoy an at-home spa experience!

Spearmint Foot Soak Recipe by Loving Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Soaking Feet

The minty aroma of spearmint essential oil (Mentha spicata) is refreshing and invigorating. Here are some other essential oils you may want to try in the foot bath recipe:

Tea Tree Essential Oil

  • Tea tree oil has a distinctive medicinal aroma and powerful therapeutic properties, yet it is gentle enough to cleanse the skin.
  • The antifungal properties of this oil make it a popular choice for foot soaks. It can eliminate unpleasant odors and heal skin naturally.

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Of course this floral oil is a top pick for a soothing foot soak that is especially nice before bedtime.
  • It also works well on stinky foot odor thanks to its deodorizing properties. The healing benefits of lavender oil helps with dry, cracked feet.
  • Recipe idea: DIY Lavender Lemongrass Room Spray.

Peppermint Essential Oil

  • This is a great minty alternative to spearmint. Peppermint oil is wonderful for cooling the feet and body. It freshens and deodorizes the skin too.
  • Try a peppermint soak after a long day on your feet to assist with aches and pains. Learn more about peppermint.

Where to Buy Spearmint Oil:

Where to Buy Spearmint Essential Oil

DIY Spearmint Foot Soak


1. Mix Epsom Salt, carrier oil, and spearmint oil together. For a carrier oil you can use fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, or whatever oil you desire.

2. Add foot soak blend to a large basin of hot water, stir and swirl the water around.

3. Immerse feet and soak for 15-20 minutes, as desired or until the water becomes tepid.

For additional skin care, try using a pumice stone for exfoliating calluses and dry skin from feet at the end of your homemade foot soak.

Where to Buy Foot Soak Basin:

Where to buy Foot Soak Basin

More DIY Essential Oil Recipes

It is fun using essential oils for DIY, here are more ideas to try:

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Essential Oil Foot Soak Recipe with Spearmint by Loving Essential Oils

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