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Top 12 Antibacterial Essential Oils

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Are you aware of the over use of antibiotics and the rise of "super bugs"? Super bugs are germs that are resistant to many antibiotics. If not, this is definitely a topic you should look into, antimicrobial resistance.

In hospitals it is seen everyday, but it is also seen in our communities, as well as our schools. With antibiotics now widely ineffective, how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from these "super bugs"?

Top 12 Antibacterial Essential Oils

Antibacterial Essential Oils - How They Can Help

Flowers and herbs have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Today we know that essential oils from flowers and herbs have tremendous benefits when inhaled, ingested or applied topically.  Researchers have found that essential oils could be a low cost alternative solution to antibiotics and potentially help fight against drug-resistant super bugs in hospitals.

French physician Dr Jean Valnet, author of The Practice of Aromatherapy, wrote:

"Infectious microbes do not appear to become accustomed to the essential oils as they do to the many forms of treatment using antibiotics."

Essential oils have potent effects against germs because of the complexity of their chemical make up.

To protect ourselves from germs, it is a must to eliminate them from our environment and within us.  To detoxify, clean and protect, use antibacterial essential oils that are naturally powerful against germs.

Top 12 Antibacterial Essential Oils

  1. Melaleuca Oil(aka Tea Tree)
  2. Eucalyptus Oil
  3. Clove Oil
  4. Oregano Oil
  5. Thyme Oil
  6. Geranium Oil
  7. Cinnamon Bark Oil
  8. Peppermint Oil
  9. Lemongrass Oil
  10. Basil Oil
  11. Lavender Oil
  12. Lemon Oil

As you can see, there are many essential oils that can help you fight germs.  Get your germ killing gloves on and mix up this essential oil blend to create a fantastic household cleaner that can be used to clean all surfaces.  Click here for is a Germ Fighting Spray Recipe to clean you environment.

Germ Away Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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