Alleviate Essential Oil Blend - Barefut Oils Review

Alleviate Essential Oil Blend - Barefut Oils Review. I always love to make my own essential oil blends but if you prefer to use premade blends then here is a great one to try for the pains and discomforts that may ail you.

Alleviate Essential Oil Blend - Barefut Oils Review by Loving Essential Oils

I always love to make my own essential oil blends but if you prefer to use premade blends then here is a great one to try for the pains and discomforts that may ail you.

Barefut's Alleviate Essential Oil Blend

Finally relief in a bottle! There are many individual essential oils that can help with easing pain and discomfort, however when specific oils are blended together it makes a powerful combination.

Alleviate™ Eternity Blend by Barefut Oils is comparable to PanAway®, which retails for over $100! Get Alleviate at a fraction of the price at Barefut Oils.

Ease pain and discomfort from:

Sprains, strains, bruises, joint and muscle pain, muscular tension, stiffness, rheumatism, sports injuries and exercise.

This blend is deeply penetrating and invigorates the senses.

When you feel like your body is dragging through a workout or after a long day, apply to your muscles as indicated in the recipes below for relief and comfort.

Alleviate Essential OIl Blend ingredients and benefits

Alleviate Essential Oil Ingredients and Benefits

Here are the essential oils that make up this essential oil blend, including the therapeutic benefits they offer.

Wintergreen – rheumatism, reduces joint and muscular pain and inflammation, opens breathing passages, stimulates the mind.

Helichrysum italicum– Pain relieving, bruising, swelling, abdominal cramps, rheumatism, circulation, Anti-spasmotic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, helps release emotional blockages.

Clove – Pain relief, abdominal spasms, antineuralgic.

Allspice – Analgesic, helps relieve pain from arthritis, stiffness, rheumatism, promotes muscle tone, muscular and gastric cramps,nervous tension/exhaustion, neuralgia,calms the mind.

Peppermint – Headaches, migraines, muscular aches and pains, spasms, neuralgia, menstrual cramps, sinus congestion, energizes and invigorates, helps with fatigue and physical exhaustion.

2 Ways to Use Alleviate Essential Oil

There are many ways that you can use this oil blend to improve your wellness. Here are a few ideas:

1. Topically – By diluting in a carrier oil and applying to the skin. Apply to the location where the discomfort is felt.

2. Aromatically– Breathe in the aromas of this oil blend. Can be done by using a diffuser, or adding a drop to a tissue or cotton ball and inhale.

DIY Alleviate Essential Oil Recipes

 Alleviate Massage Oil Recipe

Dilute into a carrier oil and massage back, neck, shoulders or sore joints. Makes a great post workout blend, or foot massage oil.

  • 1 oz amber dropper bottle
  • 1 oz Carrier Oil of your choice
  • 12 drops Alleviate Eternity Blend

Directions: Blend all ingredient together in the dropper bottle or glass bottle of your choice.


How To Make an Alleviate Roller Bottle

Add several drops of this blend to a roller bottle to alleviate tension on the go.

Roller bottles are fantastic to use on smaller areas such as in the temples, or behind the neck to help with tension and headaches.

Need a few more ideas on how to use?

You can apply these oils…

  • On your muscles after exercise.
  • Across the upper back and neck and shoulders after sitting at the computer for a while.
  • Anytime your muscles feel tense, or stressed and uncomfortable.
  • Roller bottle application on temples to ease a tension headache or TMJ discomfort.
  • Apply to low abdomen to help relieve discomfort during specific times of the month.

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