How to Make Aromatherapy Roll Ons - A Simple Tutorial

How to Make Aromatherapy Roll Ons - A Simple Tutorial

With the increased emphasis on holistic healing and natural living, aromatherapy and essential oils have become very hot topics. Many are benefiting from the therapeutic properties that essential oils offer. One extremely simple way to utilize essential oils is to create aromatherapy roll ons.

What Are Aromatherapy Roll Ons?

Aromatherapy roll ons are roller bottles that are filled with a blend of carrier oil and essential oils. They allow you to roll essential oils onto your skin so you can enjoy them topically.

Essential oils are highly concentrated so they can not be applied directly to your skin. You will need a carrier oil to dilute them. You will also need the right roller bottle. They come with small rollerball tops that allow only a small amount of oil out at a time. 

How to Make Aromatherapy Roll Ons

#1. Choose Essential Oils

Decide what essential oils you want in your aromatherapy roll on, or just pick a single like lavender oil for a calming roll on that is great to use for stress or sleep.

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#2. Pick a Carrier Oil

You will need a carrier oil, it will be the base oil you will use for your roll on. It will help to dilute your essential oils so you can safely apply them to your skin. Some great options are jojoba oil (my favorite), fractionated coconut oil, or sweet almond oil.

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#3. The Right Roll On Bottle

You will need a glass roller bottle to create your roll on. A roll on bottle is just what it sounds like, a bottle that you can roll onto skin. The type of roll on needed for aromatherapy is a glass roller bottle designed for use with essential oils.

Best choice is 10 ml roller bottles, it will take 2 teaspoons of carrier oil to fill. Stainless steel ball preferred, I think they glide the best and the ones we offer do not leak (an important detail).

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#4. Blend Recipe

Place 2-10 drops total of essential oils in bottle (depends on desired dilution level). Then fill the rest of bottle with the carrier oil of choice. Place roller ball and cap on, shake to blend. Add a bottle label.

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#5. Ready to Roll

To use, roll on desired areas. If there is a location needing the oils, apply directly to area of concern (like a bug bite). To enjoy the aroma benefits, roll on wrists, chest, and neck.

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How to Make Aromatherapy Roll Ons - A Simple Tutorial by Loving Essential Oils

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How to Make Aromatherapy Roll Ons - A Simple Tutorial by Loving Essential Oils

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