Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion

Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion

Don't you just love using essential oils as all natural perfumes? Here is a fun recipe just in time for Valentine's Day! A simple essential oil roll on perfume in the scent of Love Potion.

Just the name sounds wonderful, right? But wait until you hear what is in it!

Roll On Perfume Ingredients

When making all natural perfumes, roller bottles are my go to. Why? They are quick and easy that's why. I just need the essential oils and jojoba oil. For homemade roll on perfumes, jojoba is my carrier oil of choice.

Jojoba Oil

  • It quickly absorbs
  • Leaves no residue
  • Odorless, lets the EO shine!

Here is my favorite:


  • Sweet, floral aroma
  • Blends well with many oils
  • Calming and stress relieving

Sweet Orange

  • Yummy, citrus scent
  • Offers a bright & cheerful vibe
  • Provides courage

Ylang Ylang

  • Exotic floral aroma
  • Promotes sensual awakening
  • Encourages feelings of euphoria
  • Ushers in peace and calm

Vanilla Absolute (aka Vanilla Oleoresin)

  • Oh so sweet, like cookies
  • Comforting and nurturing
  • Heightens the senses
  • Adds a sensual element to blend

There is no such thing as vanilla essential oil. Vanilla can not be extracted the way essential oils are extracted. That is why it is called an absolute, it has to do with how it is processed. Here is the one I like:

If you prefer and have it available, you can use vanilla infused jojoba oil and omit the vanilla absolute drops. You can make it homemade but it takes 4-6 weeks to infuse, see the video at the bottom of the post if interested.

Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion by Loving Essential Oils

Love Potion Essential Oil Roll on Perfume


Add essential oils to roller bottle, fill rest of bottle with jojoba oil (leaving room for the roller top). Place on roller ball and cap, then roll between palms to blend all the ingredients together.

It is best to let the blend "marinate" for at least a few hours or overnight (if you can wait). Be sure to roll between palms before use, vanilla absolute is thick and tends to settle at the top.

Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion by Loving Essential Oils

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How to Apply Essential Oil Perfume Roll On

You have probably heard before, it is best to apply perfume to "pulse points". The pulse points are places where the blood vessels are closest to the skins surface.

These locations let off heat from your skin. So, when you apply the roll on perfume to these locations, it will react with your body heat and emit the aroma naturally. 

The pulse points are at the inner wrists, the inner elbows, behind ear lobes, bottom of throat, and behind knees. Two other places I like are cleavage line and nape of neck (both warm places!).

 Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion by Loving Essential Oils

How to Make Vanilla Infused Jojoba Oil Video

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Essential Oil Roll On Perfume - Love Potion by Loving Essential Oils

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