20 Simple Essential Oil Combinations For Diffuser

20 Simple Essential Oil Combinations For Diffuser

Not wanting to pull out or look up any recipes? Sometimes I like to keep things really simple when diffusing essential oils. Here are 20 Essential Oil Combinations for Diffuser that are simple to grab and diffuse.

This post is not like my usual diffuser blend posts where I give you the exact recipe, this is a list of essential oils that combine together beautifully, especially when diffused.

These are really powerful aromatherapy duos, don't let the simplicity fool you!

There is a Printable Cheat Sheet at the bottom of the post, be sure download it.

How to Use the Combinations of Essential Oils in Your Diffuser

How to Use the Combinations in Your Diffuser

Diffusing essential oils can be really easy and fun. Initially, it may be a little foreign but after a short time of diffusing, you will get the hang of it and become comfortable experimenting with oils and different combinations.

To use the combination in your diffuser, just grab the two oils listed for your desired use and place a few drops of each into your diffuser with the recommended water amount your tank requires...that's it! I told you this was simple.

I try to keep the total drops for my diffuser between 5-10 drops. The number of drops really depends on several factors, here are some:

  • Children or pets around, use less total drops
  • Strong essential oil, use less drops (of that oil at least...patchouli, vetiver, ylang ylang, etc.)
  • Large room, use more drops
  • Want a strong aroma to fill the area, use more drops
  • Want a gentle aroma, use fewer drops

Remember this isn't an exact science and you really can't make a mistake. The worst that can happen is you do not like the combination, in that case, cross it off and continue on. If it was too strong or not strong enough, just change the number of drops next time.

20 Best Essential Oil Combinations for Diffuser

One thing I love about essential oils is that the aromatherapy combinations are really endless. This list could actually be much, much longer because there really are a lot of wonderful essential oil mixes.

Desired Use

Essential Oil Duo

1. Bedtime Lavender + Vetiver
2. Happiness Bergamot + Lavender
3. Peace Sweet Marjoram + Orange
4. Clear Mind Rosemary + Peppermint
5. Clean Air Lemon + Tea Tree
6. No Doubt Clary Sage + Frankincense
7. Strength Lime + Black Pepper
8. Bring It On Juniper Berry + Frankincense
9. Kickstart Cardamom + Lemongrass
10. Tranquility Cedarwood + Rose
11. Nausea Ginger + Peppermint
12. Sleep Cedarwood + Orange
13. Self-Assured Grapefruit + Fennel
14. Breathe Eucalyptus + Lavender
15. Relaxation Tangerine + Patchouli
16. Just Cleaned Pine + Lemon
17. Gym Time Peppermint + Spearmint
18. Feel Better Cypress + Lemon
19. Calm Lavender + Sandalwood
20. Detox Lemon + Grapefruit


More Ways to Use these Essential Oil Mixtures

These combinations of essential oils can be used in other diy recipes, here are some ideas:

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20 Simple Essential Oil Combinations For Diffuser by Loving Essential Oils | Free Printable Cheat Sheet

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