What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work

What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work

I love to think that essential oils are my little miracle helpers when it comes to mine and my families health. We always turn to essential oils first to ease our everyday aches, pains, and aliments.

I especially find it wonderful to use essential oils for emotional support, like to calm anxiety, ease stress, and improve mood.

What can be unexpected is when essential oils don't work for the issue of concern. What should you do then?

What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work  by Loving Essential Oils

What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work

Here are a few ideas on what to do:

#1. Try It Again

If your initial application wasn't effective for your desired goal, you may need to apply the essential oil or oil blend again. Some issues may need a follow-up application, or even consistent use for a short time.

For example, I had a small rash on my finger under my ring. I used tea tree oil and lavender essential oil in a roller blend and applied it to the area. The initial application helped but didn't clear it up completely. My finger required a few more applications before it healed up.

#2. Try a Different Method

Essential oils can be used aromatically and topically in various application method. If one method isn't working, you can try a different application method.

For example, I like to put on a diffuser blend when I start feeling a tension headache come on. Sometimes this method is enough to ease my tension, other time I require topical use of essential oils for my headache, like in a roller bottle.

#3. Try A Different Essential Oil

I love that there are so many essential oil options for each of my concerns. If one oil or oil blend isn't working, I try a different oil or oil blend. People will react differently to essential oils, so if one fails... don't give up, try something else.

What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work  by Loving Essential Oils

#4. Try a Little More

Essential oils are very powerful and concentrated. They should be used with caution. I always prefer to use the least amount needed to accomplish my goal. So my initial amount used may not have been enough, I may need to use a strong amount. I just make sure I am staying in the safe usage dilution guidelines when applying topically.

#5. Seek Medical Help

Let's face it, there are some issues that require medical assistance, essential oils just won't work.  It is important to remember that essential oils can be helpful, but they should not be used as the primary treatment for serious medical conditions or a substitution for medical advice from a doctor.

A few days ago my teenage son started having generalized abdominal pain. I had him use a digestive blend that I already had made. He did get some relief from the pain but ended up vomiting about 2 hours later.

The next morning the pain had moved to the right lower quadrant of his abdomen (where the appendix is). It was more severe and essential oils weren't working. The pain was accompanied by a low grade fever and loss of appetite so I was concerned he had appendicitis. You can read more about the signs and symptoms of appendicitis here.

I took him to the emergency department and 5 hours later he had his appendix removed. The surgeon said his appendix was very inflamed but hadn't rupture so the surgery was quick and he was able to go home that night after the surgery.

This is the perfect example of when medical intervention was necessary. A ruptured appendix can be fatal so it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work  by Loving Essential Oils

What I think is wonderful about essential oils is that even if they can fix a medical problem, they can offer emotional support for whatever I am going through.

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What To Do When Essential Oils Don't Work  by Loving Essential Oils

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