Homemade Essential Oil Oven Cleaner Recipe - DIY Non-Toxic

Are you tired of chemical oven cleaners that you can only do when the windows are wide open and the kids are out of the house? Our natural oven cleaner recipe combines the power of baking soda with that of essential oils. Not only will your oven be clean, it will also smell so fresh.
Homemade Essential Oil Oven Cleaner Recipe - DIY Non-Toxic by Loving Essential Oils

Chemical oven cleaners that you can only do when the windows are wide and the kids are away can make this task unbearable. Try this homemade Essential Oil Oven Cleaner recipe instead with natural ingredients!

Oven Cleaners can be toxic and overpowering, leaving your home smelling terrible. This terrible smell usually keeps people from wanting to clean the oven, which can cause a build-up of residue inside the oven. Over time this build-up can cause problems and leave behind a bad smell every time you cook in it.

Our natural oven cleaner recipe combines the power of baking soda and essential oils. Essential oils are perfect for cleaning because they're antibacterial and naturally deodorizing.

Not only will your oven be clean of grime, but it will also smell so fresh. When you are done cleaning the oven, you will not have to run for cover, you will be able to inhale deeply and smell the wonderful aroma that is left behind.

DIY Essential Oils Oven Cleaner Recipe by Loving Essential Oils

Non-toxic Essential Oil Oven Cleaner Recipe

This recipe uses all-natural ingredients, so it's safe for both you and your oven. Plus, it smells great, so you'll be happy to have cleaned the oven!

  • 1/2 cup Baking soda
  • 10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 10 drops White Fir or Pine Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 3 tablespoons water


Step 1: Mix baking soda with essential oils in a small glass bowl.

Step 2: Stir in the water until a paste forms, if mixture still dry add little more water to ensure the mixture is smooth and not clumpy.

Step 3: Before cleaning the oven, ensure that your oven is completely cool. Using a damp cleaning cloth or sponge, apply the paste onto the oven. Let the paste sit for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Take cleaning cloth or sponge, gently scrub the paste around in a circular pattern, you may need to rinse your cloth frequently to remove oven residue and continue cleaning. Use a cleaning scrub brush as needed for stubborn spots.

Step 5: Do a final rinse with a clean, wet cloth once the oven has been thoroughly scrubbed down. Make sure all the paste is out of the corners.

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    While cleaning is not one of my things, homemade cleaning can actually be fun. I enjoy any reason to use my essential oils so having DIY cleaning recipes using essential oils makes me happy.

    Once you make over your cleaning routine you will enjoy a naturally clean home that is environmentally friendly and safe for your family.

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    Where to Buy Essential Oil?

    I am frequently asked what essential oil brand we use at Loving Essential Oils.  We are not exclusive to one company and actually enjoy trying a variety of brands and essential oils. When buying oils it is important to buy only 100% pure essential oils from a reputable company. Don't just buy on price alone, research the company if you are not familiar with them.

    Here are several reputable brands we use:

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    Essential Oils for Oven Cleaning with Recipe by Loving Essential Oils
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