Homemade Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe

Toilet cleaning is probably the most hated job in my household, how about for your family?  It is just gross. The lady in the picture is just so funny, when have you ever been that happy to clean a toilet? NEVER!

Not to mention, if cleaning with store bought products, the toxic smell is just as nauseating as the toilet smell. I was so glad to find an all natural toilet bowl cleaner.

This all natural toilet bowl cleaner recipe is made with melaleuca essential oil, vinegar, salt and baking soda.  Vinegar combined with baking soda gives off a fizzy reaction. 

Be sure to only add the vinegar and melaleuca oil into the spray bottle.  The salt and baking soda are added directly into the toilet bowl then sprayed with the vinegar and oil mixture. 

Give your toilet a natural shine and clean with this chemical free toilet bowl cleaner.

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe:


  1. Pour vinegar and melaleuca oil into glass spray bottle, shake up and set aside.
  2. Add baking soda and salt together in sprinkle container and shake well to mix.
  3. Spray vinegar mixture inside of the toilet bowl and then sprinkle in the powder.  It should start to fizz; if not then spray a bit more vinegar mixture.
  4. Let cleaner sit for 10-15 minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush.  Flush when done.

I love this natural germ killing way to clean, my kids like to watch the fizz action too. Since it is non-toxic I do not have to usher them away like the toxic cleaners I use to clean with. If you need a durable spray bottle for this recipe, we have our spray bottle on sale now, click here to buy now.

 Essential Oil Tips For Recipe:

-When using essential oils for cleaning be sure to use only high quality, therapeutic essential oils.

-Melaleuca (aka tea tree) essential oil is an excellent choice for this recipe but you can try different essential oils in this recipe, like oregano or lemon.

-Vinegar is a well known natural cleaner, it will help get dirt and grime off surfaces. Baking soda & salt help with scrubbing action.

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DIY Non Toxic Chemical Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe
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