Witch Hazel Pads For Acne and Natural Healing

Witch Hazel Pads For Acne and Natural Healing

Witch hazel is a wonderful astringent for all natural skin care and shaping.

It works great as a natural facial toner and cleanser. Also soothing to inflamed tissue and for pain relief with acne, bug bites and postpartum care.

Thayers witch hazel is my favorite brand because it is alcohol free, safe for sensitive skin and includes aloe vera. Click here for thayers alcohol free aloe vera formula.

Thayers contain a gentle formula for clean, soft, fresher-looking skin. It is much better than store bought ones that contain alcohol, alcohol is extremely drying when using for skin and personal care.

Witch hazel pads are convenient for many natural remedies like bug bites, postpartum healing, cuts and scrapes, hemorrhoids, acne, varicose veins and more.

Use anytime throughout the day as a facial refresher or for skin toners.

Astringent Pads For Natural Healing


Add witch hazel and essential oil into glass jar. Stir well with glass stirring rod, then add cotton pads into jar 5 at a time so you don't overflow the liquid. Can use cotton balls if you prefer.

Witch Hazel Pads For Acne and Natural Healing

To use as facial toner or for acne:

Gently squeeze out excess liquids and apply to face.

To use for insect bites or cuts/scrapes:

Take pad and place over desired area until relief is felt.

Some other essential oils you can substitute tea tree oil for would be cypress essential oil, helichrysum essential oil or lavender essential oil.

Having these pre-moistened pads ready can be helpful when you need instant relief from bug bite or a cut, or just want a refreshing skin toner.

Need Ingredients? Click the pictures:

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