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DIY Lavender Face Toner - Essential Oil Spray Recipe

Posted by Jennifer Lane on

Do you use a face toner in your skincare regimen? Face toners help cleanse, restore balance and refresh the skin. Toners can clarify skin and shrink pores, which can improving skin impurities.

Face toners are best used after cleansing face to gently soothe skin and remove any additional dirt and oil.

Add this all natural DIY face toner recipe to your skincare routine. It is simple to make and is very refreshing to the skin.

Witch hazel is a powerful astringent with many benefits. Be sure to get an alcohol free version, alcohol is very drying to skin. My favorite brand is Thayer's, you can use unscented or scented. I like the rose petal witch hazel, rose is also beneficial for skin so it is a good choice whatever your preference is.

Lavender essential oil is calming and healing to skin.

DIY Lavender Face Toner Spray Recipe

2 oz Glass Spray Bottles


Add all ingredients into glass spray bottle. Shake well to mix. Label bottle with contents.

To use, shake well and lightly spritz onto face while eyes are closed. Allow to air dry. Use in morning and evening after cleansing face. Can also be use during day as a skin  refresher.

DIY Lavender Face Toner Essential Oil Spray Recipe

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