3 Simple Yoga Accessories You Need To Boost Your Workout

3 Simple Yoga Accessories You Need To Boost Your Workout

“Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.”
  -Jigar Gor

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, integrating various yoga accessories into your practice can help improve your form, add variety to your workout, and help advance your skills.

With so many options and products available, here are 3 simple yoga accessories to enhance your practice.

Simple Yoga Accessories You Need To Boost Your Workout

3 Yoga Accessories To Try

#1. Yoga Block

-Also referred to as yoga bricks, these foam blocks are helpful in getting the correct form of a pose down. If you are having difficulty reaching the floor to get into position, simply use a yoga block to fill the gap and help maintain stability.

-Yoga blocks can also be used to make a pose more challenging.

-Adds variety to your yoga routine.

-If you are unfamiliar with using yoga blocks, check out this video to learn more:

#2. Yoga Strap

-Yoga straps are exactly how they sound - a strap that can be integrated into your yoga routine to help you achieve different positions regardless of flexibility.

-Straps can help you improve your form and hold positions longer.

-This accessory is ideal for beginners or for those recovering from injury.

-Here is a great set of blocks and straps on Amazon with color options, click picture to learn more:

#3. Anti-slip Yoga Socks

-You were just about to get into the perfect downward dog and then it happens… your left foot slips a little and OOPS - time to adjust! It happens to the best of us no matter how hard we try to stay in position.

-Yoga socks are designed to prevent slips and keep you in the perfect position!

-These are perfect for both studio use AND travel. If you are on the road and don’t have a mat, these socks allow you to practice anywhere.


There you have it… a boosted yoga workout is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What is your favorite yoga accessory?

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