How to Enjoy the Benefits of Moringa Oil

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Moringa Oil

“Never overlook the power of simplicity.” - Robin Sharma

One tree.

One seed.

One oil.

Yet, Moringa oil offers so many astounding uses and benefits and truly is the epitome of harnessing the power of simplicity.

Let’s take a closer look at what Moringa oil is and how you can enjoy its glorious benefits!

What Is Moringa Oil?

Coming from a tree that is native to the Himalayan foothills, moringa oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Moringa oleifera. It’s health benefits go way back in history and have been documented in ancient Roman and Greek medicinal books.

The seeds come from long pods that grow on the tree. From topical use to being used in cooking, moringa oil is both highly nutritious and very useful and versatile.

The oil can be extracted by using a cold pressed method or by solvent extraction and there are many varieties of Moringa Oil depending on which tree the oil was extracted from. We recommend using cold pressed moringa oil.

Oil taken from trees in Sri Lanka, Malawi, India, and other parts of Africa have slight differences in their nutrition properties.

Benefits of Moringa Oil

This incredible oil is teeming with health-boosting and life-giving benefits:

  • Has a strong antioxidants capacity
  • Provides nutrition to your skin
  • Relieves signs of aging
  • Reduces inflammation both topically and internally
  • Excellent carrier oil
  • Great emollient and exfoliant for your skin
  • Can be used as a disinfectant to treat wounds
  • Has antimicrobial abilities

Moringa oil is also known for its high behenic acid content, which is what gives the oil its ability to smooth and condition your skin and hair.

How to Enjoy the Benefits of Moringa Oil

Want to learn about the many ways you can use Moringa Oil in your day to day routine?

Check out how you can enjoy the benefits of Moringa Oil for your health, your skin, and your hair!

For Your Health

Gives You Energy:

- Packed with antioxidants
- Keeps you feeling alert and energized throughout the day
- Induces a good night’s sleep

Vitamin C:

- Helps boost your immunity

Protects Your Body:

- Nourishes your body and protects your bones
- Helps create good cholesterol
- Soothes your nervous system
- Lowers and control blood pressure

For Your Skin

Anti-aging Oil:

- Removes wrinkles
- Prevents sagging of the skin
- Decreases the activity of free radicals

Gives You a Glow:

- Excellent skin purifier
- Protects against environmental pollution’s effects
- Diminishes skin fatigue
- Helps soften nails

Clean and Clear Skin:

- Fights acne and removes blackheads
- Helps reduce dark spots
- Calms skin irritations

Helps Heal Rashes, Burns, and Cuts:

- Works as a great antiseptic
- Soothes inflammation
- Can help clear up fungal infections

For Your Hair

Strengthens Hair:

- Delivers minerals and vitamins to your hair follicles
- Revitalizes your hair from deep within
- Helps minimize split ends

Moisturizes Your Scalp:

- Soothe your scalp by massaging the oil into damp hair
- Great for people with dry scalp and dandruff

What is there not to love about Moringa Oil? So much power in one simple oil!

Start enjoying these health benefits by going and getting some today. We recommend Leven Rose Moringa Oil:

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